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V Ravichandran’s The Judgement sets release date

A courtroom drama, The Judgement stars V Ravichandran, along with Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Diganth and Dhanya Ramkumar, among others.

V Ravichandran’s The Judgement sets release date
V Ravichandran plays a prosecutor in The Judgement

Last Updated: 08.45 PM, May 06, 2024


Gururaj Kulkarni, who began his film journey as a producer for the thriller Last Bus, and then made the transition to director with Amruth Apartments, is ready with his next. This time around, the filmmaker has made a legal thriller, The Judgement, in which Crazy Star V Ravichandran plays the lead. The veteran actor plays a prosecutor, and is pitted against Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, a role that she says is among the best and strongest that she’s got in Kannada cinema. Gururaj had said that The Judgement would be a May 2024 release and has now chosen the 24th as D-Day.


The plot of The Judgement

The film, according to Gururaj centres on the imprisonment of Diganth’s character, after Ravichandran, as the prosecutor, fails to realize that the former is actually innocent. Ravichandran, says the filmmaker, has been portrayed as a legal professional, who, on account of his age and experience is at a stage where he thinks he can do no wrong, and, hence, remains steadfast in his belief that sending Diganth to jail is the right move.

By the time it strikes him that he may have been wrong after all, it is too late. As the prosecutor who sent Diganth to jail, Ravichandran cannot then make the switch to his defence team. What he can do, though, is to have someone else as the face of the team, while he works in the shadows to secure Diganth’s freedom. Whether or not he succeeds in this mission is what The Judgement is about. The film also stars Meghana Gaonkar as Ravichandran’s wife and Dhanya Ramkumar as Diganth’s pair.

When the teaser of The Judgement came out, it was pointed out that the film seemed similar to the hit Malayalam film Neru, starring Mohanlal in the lead. Gururaj agrees that the films may seem similar, but while Neru was more an emotional drama than a courtroom saga, given that it was about a visually impaired victim of sexual abuse pointing out her abuser, The Judgement will have a mix of emotions and legalese, says the filmmaker.

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