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Vicky Kaushal opens up about marriage with Katrina Kaif - 'Emotionally, rationally, when I’m with her, I feel...'

Vicky Kaushal married Katrina Kaif in December 2021. The actor opened up about falling in love with her in a new interview.

Vicky Kaushal opens up about marriage with Katrina Kaif - 'Emotionally, rationally, when I’m with her, I feel...'
Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif

Last Updated: 12.05 PM, Feb 27, 2024


Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are one of the most adorable couples in Bollywood. The beautiful couple got married in the year 2021 in December in a private ceremony in Rajasthan. Both actors never shy away when they talk about each other in interviews. Now, in a recent interview with GQ India, the Zara Hatke Zara Bachke actor opened up about his relationship with his wife-actress Katrina. He also openly discusses how marriage has brought stability into his life. 

The actor, while speaking about his marriage to Katrina said, “You can never be the same person after marriage. Starting to live a life with someone is a huge addition. Because until then, everything is about you."

The actor further talked about how he has matured significantly after just two and a half years after marriage than he did in the first 33 years of his life. He said, "Your schedule, your perspective—it’s what is right for you. When you’re married, it’s the ‘us’ that supersedes your individual needs. Every decision has to make sense for both of us. Only then is there inner peace. I’d go so far as to say that the amount I’ve matured in the last two and a half years [post marriage] is way more than I did in the first 33 years of my life."

Describing his love for Katrina Kaif beautifully, the actor told GQ, “Imagine it’s your day off. It’s raining outside. A beautiful calm has taken over and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing that is making you fear a future or regret the past. You’re just present. You feel absolutely content. When I’m with her, that’s what happens. I don’t feel like rushing anywhere. It’s simply the best feeling.” 

Well, if it's not Vicky Kaushal setting examples of how one must feel falling in love with your partner then we don't know what it is. Without a doubt, this person is raising the bar high for every guy out there. 

Vicky further revealed that he used to believe that when he met someone in life and spent hours being silent with that person without feeling alone, that would be his soulmate. And that's how he says he feels with Katrina. Calling her his 'home', Kaushal says that Kat makes him a romantic person. He says, "She’s home. From our initial days of dating when there was heady excitement every time we met to now, two and a half years after marriage, that feeling hasn’t changed. And I’m somebody who hasn’t ever been overtly romantic. But she makes me one."

“The feeling of being loved, being taken care of, and in return, caring and loving someone deeply, I just love that aspect of love. Emotionally, rationally, when I’m with her, I feel, ye sahi hai (this is right),” Vicky added.

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