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Viduthalai Part 1: The hidden detail of Vijay Sethupathi that you might have missed. Watch video

In Viduthalai Part 1 director Vetrimaaran has included a subtle hidden detail in the Kaattumalli song, revealing a new layer to the movie's narrative arc. 

Viduthalai Part 1: The hidden detail of Vijay Sethupathi that you might have missed. Watch video
Still from Viduthalai Part 1

Last Updated: 11.49 AM, Apr 06, 2023


Filmmaker Vetrimaaran's latest directorial movie Viduthalai Part 1 was released last week in cinemas. The movie is garnering positive reviews from people across the board. Bollywood Anurag Kashyap called it a "very powerful film" in his review

If you had watched the movie already, the chances are that you were so lost in the narrative, that you might not have noticed this hidden detail in the movie. And you are not alone, it seems not many have spotted this detail that Vetrimaaran included in Kaattumalli song. The said clue has come to light now. A meme video has shed a light on the presence of Vijay Sethupathi as Perumal Vaathiyaar in the song. Vaathiyaar could be spotted among the audience in the theathre as he quietly observes the blooming romance between Soori's Kumaresan and Bhavani Sre's Tamilarasi. It now makes sense why Vaathiyaar had a soft spot for Kumaresan. 

While the hidden detail about the presence of Vaathiyaar in the Kaattumalli song may seem trivial, it adds a new layer of depth to the narrative arc. Fans of the movie are now buzzing about this discovery and what it could mean for the story as a whole.

Viduthalai is based on novelist B. Jeyamohan's short story Thunaivan. The movie revolves around the fights of a separatist group called Makkal Padai. And Sethupathi plays the leader of that separatist group named Perumal Vaathiyaar. The main conflict stems from the government's efforts to capture Vaathiyaar, who is hiding in the hilltop village. 

With powerful performances and Vetrimaaran's deft direction, the movie has become one of the most talked-about films of the year.

Viduthalai is also said to be inspired by true incidents. The film follows police brutality, which is one of the most common themes in Vetrimaaran's movies. Based on Jeyamohan's short story, Vetrimaaran has developed a two-part drama. The second part will open in cinemas next year. 

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