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Vidya Balan in Kolkata: Though I am not aware of the controversies, I’ll surely watch Pathaan

The actress came to Kolkata to attend an event hosted by gynecologists

Vidya Balan in Kolkata: Though I am not aware of the controversies, I’ll surely watch Pathaan
Vidya Balan and (right) a scene from the song Besharam Rang

Last Updated: 08.33 PM, Jan 05, 2023


In her quick visit to Kolkata, Vidya Balan met the media and talked about Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham’s upcoming film, Pathaan. Amid the ongoing controversy over Besharam Rang, Shah Rukh and John revealed Deepika’s fierce look from the film on her birthday on January 5. Meanwhile, the film has undergone cuts after CBFC’s suggestions. The film is set to release on January 25. 

Vidya came to Kolkata to attend a conference of gynecologists. Before the event, she met the media where she said that while she was unaware of the controversies, she intends to watch the film. “Though I am not aware of the controversies, I’ll surely watch Pathaan,” she said. Vidya visited Kalighat Temple on January 4 and by her admission, she gorged on sandesh (a variety of Bengali sweet dishes). 

While attending the event, she spoke in Bengali and said, “Ki bolbo Banglate? Ami shobaike bhalobashi. Ekhane eshe ami eto bhalo basha pai tar jonye onek dhonyobad, bhalobasha ar ador (What do I say in Bengali? I love you all. I receive a lot of love in Kolkata and I offer my gratitude and love for that).” 

Talking about women’s health, she said, “Women don’t want to acknowledge the body. We don’t want to acknowledge its desire or need, let alone take care of it. It is you (the gynecologists) who teach us to take care of our bodies. Thank you so much for that. Women’s health does not solely lie on the women themselves. Even when we have the best doctors and the best gynecologists in the country, I think there is a need to change in attitude that needs to start at home. I think families need to address the health of women. It is up to everybody in the family to take care of us. Health is wealth. If we want to be a successful and progressive nation, we need to invest in the health of women. We need education and awareness. A small step can go a long way. When a woman visits her gynecologist she should insist that her father, partner, or sons come with them. This shame and guilt over our bodies will have to go. Only then we can head towards a better future.”

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