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Vigil star Rose Leslie was pregnant in real life while shooting for season 2 - Did you know?

Vigil Season 2 is all set to stream in India on Lionsgate Play this month.

Vigil star Rose Leslie was pregnant in real life while shooting for season 2 - Did you know?
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Last Updated: 09.18 PM, May 10, 2024


Known for their popular roles in Game Of Thrones, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie make headlines every year for their relationship, marriage, respective projects, his return as Jon Snow, as Black Knight, her show Vigil, and more. As for Vigil, Rose has been enjoying the spotlight for quite some time now as season two of the show was released in December of last year and has been making wide buzz for a long while now. The show, which is about an investigation, has been running successfully, but the two leading ladies are indeed the highlight. However, the showrunners had a situation when Rose was expecting while the show was being shot, and they had to redo everything that was planned ahead. Leslie now talks about that real-life twist.


Rose Leslie On Shooting For Vigil 2

Rose Leslie, while talking about Vigil Season 2 and shooting it while being pregnant, said how her character Kristen has a big change with her pregnancy. It means that she would stay home and be in Scotland on the show and not much outdoors. And that kind of drew her and Amy apart in a very organic way because there was no way that she would be going out. So she felt that the real-life situation gave the show a reason for why their relationship was going to be torn again.

Talking to Digital Spy about her excitement as the pair is about to witness a new experience on the show, she said, “I think me getting pregnant helped with the development of the relationship. We moved in. But I think what was really lovely, particularly in series two, is that we see this dynamic happening between the two of us.”

"It turns into a kind of humorous tussle, but it does get serious at times, and we do have to check one another on that throughout the series. I think, certainly for Kirsten, there was a maturity that developed through her, not just in becoming pregnant, but also in recognizing that now that she has committed to this relationship, to this growing family, she can't be so willy-nilly about life,” she added.

About Vigil 2

The show is set to take the story ahead from season one while exploring Amy and Kristen’s relationship that is on the rim already. The new season will have Batwoman's Dougray Scott and Sex Education's Chris Jenks join the cast for the new investigation. The new season is set to stream on Lionsgate Play on May 31, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription.

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