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Vijay Raghavendra - Winning Bigg Boss Kannada did not benefit my career

The general perception was that Vijay would be besieged with work, but he got no call after Bigg Boss Kannada

Vijay Raghavendra - Winning Bigg Boss Kannada did not benefit my career
Vijay Raghavendra

Last Updated: 10.21 PM, Jan 30, 2024


Vijay Raghavendra was the first-ever winner of Bigg Boss Kannada way back in 2013. At the time, Vijay was made to understand that the win would change his life drastically. Everyone thought that his newfound popularity would give his career a major boost and that he’d be so busy he’d have no time for anyone. But the truth, says Vijay, during an interview for his new film Case of Kondana, is that Bigg Boss Kannada made no difference whatsoever.

The actor says that he’s still lucky to be able to do what he loves – acting – but his choices therein are governed by career graph. After Bigg Boss Kannada, Vijay thought he had the luxury of being choosy about work, but almost immediately realized that nothing had changed apart from the fact that he was closer to people at a certain level.


In fact, Vijay did not get a single call for a film after Bigg Boss Kannada, so much so that he had to strike out on his own. His late wife Spandana and other friends suggested that he should make a film, for which the late Puneeth Rajkumar supported him by getting him the remake rights of the Tamil film Neram. Vijay directed the Kannada version called Kismath.

Vijay makes no tall claims that he’s a phenomenal actor. What he is, is a director’s actor; one who is passionate about acting and doing different roles. He admits that he takes up most of the offers that come his way, as he believes that even if there are slight issues, those can be ironed out to a large extent, if everyone works together as a team.

Vijay Raghavendra in a still from the film
Vijay Raghavendra in a still from the film

Cut to 2024 and Vijay’s first release for the year, Case of Kondana is in theatres. It sees the actor in khaki yet again, but in a role that’s unlike conventional protagonists. The mystery thriller from the makers of his earlier Seetharam Benoy: Case no.18, returned to collaborate with him yet again and pitted him against Bhavana Menon, who also had a pivotal role as his superior officer. The film got off to a slow start, but has been picking up owing to positive word of mouth.

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