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Vikram Chatterjee on Shah Rukh Khan: He still motivates me

Vikram Chatterjee and Raima Sen’s Roktokorobi was dropped on Zee5 on February 3

Vikram Chatterjee on Shah Rukh Khan: He still motivates me
Vikram Chatterjee

Last Updated: 08.36 PM, Feb 03, 2023


Vikram Chatterjee’s Zee5 web series Roktokorobi was dropped on February 3. Along with Vikram, the show also features Raima Sen, Shantilal Mukherjee, and others. In the psychological thriller, the actor plays a character of a budding psychologist who meets with a setback soon after he starts practising. 

Meanwhile, Vikram has hit the gym where he seems to work hard. And it is Shah Rukh Khan who has been his inspiration. In Vikram’s latest gym photograph on his Instagram handle, he wrote, “Prep starts again if that man can do it at 57….we don’t have a choice!” Evidently, he refers to the chiselled appearance of Shah Rukh Khan in Pathaan. SRK’s toned physique was lauded by his fans all over the world. 

Vikram is a ‘die-hard’ Shah Rukh fan. He watched Pathaan already. In a chat, he said, “Whatever little acting that I do today has happened due to him. It is because of him, I started acting. I had to watch him on screen after four years. I was amazed to see what this 57-year-old man has done in this film. Even today, he pushes me and motivates me to perform seriously.”

On the other hand, addressing the marketing strategy of Pathaan that ousted Bengali films from single-screen theatres, Vikram said that he would like to see Bengali films getting an equal opportunity. “At the same time, Pathan created a lot of angst among the Bengali filmmakers as the film ousted all the other Bengali films from the single-screen theatres… It is like a vicious circle. If you don’t let Bengali films do business, producers will not invest and we cannot make good Bengali films. There has to be a policy like Maharashtra, etc, where regional films get to run on a prime time,” he said. 


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