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Vikrant Rona final trailer with credits is 2.51 minutes long

OTTplay was at the preview event in Bengaluru and got to see the trailer in 3D

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 04.31 PM, Jun 22, 2022

Vikrant Rona final trailer with credits is 2.51 minutes long
June 23 it is for the trailer

In the last few days, there’s been a lot of debate about the length of the Vikrant Rona trailer that is being released tomorrow at 5.02 pm. Given director Anup Bhandari’s track record of putting together trailers that are just under 3 minutes long, most netizens said that he’d stick to a similar length. Then, we dug up the trailer certification details on the Central Board of Film Certification site, where it was stated that the certified length was all of 1 minute and 53 seconds only.

The trailer that we got to see today, though, in 3D, was a good minute longer, including credits. So, fans should be happy when the trailer drops tomorrow. The 3D version, though, is quite something, we must tell you. OTTplay had the privilege to watch the trailer not once, but twice, during the promotional event in Bengaluru today. Seeing Kiccha Sudeep in 3D is quite the treat. Considering that the film was not shot in 3D technology and was converted later on, the work that has gone into creating the effects is commendable. Believe us when we say, the trailer, or rather, the film, is better seen in 3D.

Today, the team also showed the gathering the full video song of Gadang Rakkamma and that too in 3D. If you have been mesmerized by the lyrical video, which had only fleeting glimpses from the actual song, you are going to love the full video. Jacqueline Fernandez does most of the heavy lifting, as far as the dance moves go, with Sudeep supporting adequately. The Bollywood siren makes quite the impression in her first Kannada special number.

Vikrant Rona is the tale of a fearless cop, who investigates a series of mysterious disappearances in a a particular place. The film has Sudeep in the lead, along with Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok.