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Warhorse One OTT release date in India- When & where to watch this high-octane action thriller?

Warhorse One released in select theatres on June 30, 2023, and on digital platforms on July 4, 2023 in the United States. However, the film took its own sweet time to make its way to India.

Warhorse One OTT release date in India- When & where to watch this high-octane action thriller?
A still from Warhorse One's trailer

Last Updated: 07.15 AM, Jan 03, 2024


Johnny Strong has made his directorial debut while also leading Warhorse One, an adrenaline-junking thriller that is set in a Taliban insurgents-infested Afghanistan after United States withdrew its forces in 2021. He has co-directed and co-written the film with William Kaufman.

Warhorse One is set to drop in India after a long wait, as the film had released in select North American theatres on June 30, 2023, before making its way to VOD. The film will be available for rent on BookMyShow stream, January 5, 2024, onwards.

The film dropped its trailer on May 24, 2023, which featured a bulletproof action film that also explores an emotional bond shared between a U.S. Navy SEAL and a little girl, who has seen her family get slaughtered in front of her. Master Chief Richard Mirko, whose code name is Warhorse One, was tasked with a team to rescue a missionary family that used to covertly help the U.S. military.


However, enroute mission, the SEAL helicopter is gunned down by Taliban insurgents and only Mirko survives the rough and cruel, Taliban-infested Afghanistan terrain to reach the missionary family too late. All of them have been brutally killed, except for six-year-old Zoe. Now, all depends on Richard Mirko, survival is possible for both of them if they make it to the top of the mountain, from where they can be rescued.

But the entire place is crawling with armed tyrants and Mirko must defeat all of them to reach safety. Johnny Strong’s Chief Mirko is shown as a war professional with the right ethics, albeit a little bloody. But which hero isn’t?

The trailer features multiple action-packed sequences, a gripping narrative highlighting the bonding psychology behind trauma and survival, as well as a poignant tale of sacrifice and resilience. Warhorse One also features prominent performances from Athena Durner as Zoe and Raj Kala as Radam.

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