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Was Kareena Kapoor a rebellious child? You decide after reading about THIS incident

Kareena Kapoor, who is one of the protagonists of Crew, has shared an incident from her childhood days. And guess what? It led her to join a boarding school.

Was Kareena Kapoor a rebellious child? You decide after reading about THIS incident

Kareena Kapoor. 

Last Updated: 02.57 PM, Mar 30, 2024


Crew, a highly anticipated film featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon, was released on Friday. The film's impressive opening-day run, as reported by Sacnilk, an industry tracker, resulted in earnings of Rs 8.75 crore. It had a 26.34 percent occupancy rate for Hindi audiences and was well-received by critics. Director Rajesh Krishnan's Crew has achieved global box office success, making a total of Rs 20.07 crore. The latest is Kareena sharing a personal anecdote from her childhood that led her to attend boarding school.

Was Kareena Kapoor a rebellious kid?

In a recent interview with Barkha Dutt, Kareena shared that she was rebellious as a kid, so much so that she was sent off to boarding school. This is the first time that Kareena has spoken about this incident.

“I was in my teens, around 14-15 years old. And I really liked a boy. My mother was upset with me (about this). My mother, being a single mother, said that this (union) is never going to happen. So, she used to keep my phone in a box in her room and lock the room,” Kareena said.

She added, “So, I obviously wanted to go out with my friends and meet the boy I liked. One day, my mum was out of the house for dinner (leaving me alone at home). So, I took a knife, broke the lock of the room, ran inside the room, bashed the box of the phone, grabbed my phone, made plans (with friends) and ran away from my house. So, this is why (I was sent off to a boarding school).”

Crew's funny plotline

Filmmaker Rajesh Krishnan's film Crew follows the lives of three airline crew members: Geetha (Tabu), Jasmine (Kareena Kapoor Khan), and Divya (Kriti Sanon). As they navigate the challenges of their demanding jobs, their lives are thrown into chaos when they find themselves entangled in a dangerous gold-smuggling operation.

Clearly, Kareena’s childhood days and Crew must have drawn an element of nostalgia for the actress.

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