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Watch Aradhanaa declare her love for Darshan in Kaatera’s Pasandaagavne

Watch Aradhanaa declare her love for Darshan in Kaatera’s Pasandaagavne
Watch Aradhanaa declare her love for Darshan in Kaatera’s Pasandaagavne
A still from Pasandaagavne

Last Updated: 08.29 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Challenging Star Darshan’s big year-ender hit, Kaatera, is headed to OTT next week. Zee5 will bring the Tharun Kishore Sudhir film to the platform on December 9, in the run up to which they have not only released a special trailer, but the full video of the romantic number Pasandaagavne as well. Composed by V Harikrishna, written by Chethan Kumar and sung by Mangli, the song features debutante Aradhanaa, Darshan and Rohith Pandavapura.

Pasandaagavne was the first track from Kaatera that was released prior to its theatrical outing. At the time, they’d revealed a lyrical video, with fleeting glimpses of the actual visuals. Now, while you wait for the film to drop on OTT, you can enjoy the full song.

Fans have been over the moon since morning, when Zee5 confirmed that Kaatera will be on OTT on February 9. The film is still in theatres and drawing crowds, so it seemed unlikely that it would begin streaming so soon. Also, there were reports that the film was being released in its Tamil and Telugu versions, so there was speculation that the OTT date could be pushed ahead. As of now, the film is only going to be available in its original Kannada version.


All about Kaatera

Kaatera is a film that Tharun developed along with Jadesha K Hampi, who’d made Guru Shishyaru and Gentleman earlier. Tharun admits to having been sceptical about approaching Darshan with this subject, as he felt it was too experimental for a star of his stature. But to his surprise, not only did Darshan take it up, but the role and the film were widely lauded with audiences happy at the return of Darshan the performer.

The film, which also stars Kumar Govind, Shruthi, Biradar, Achyuth Kumar, Jagapathi Babu, Avinash, is a tale set in the 70s that deals with the land reform act of that era. Darshan plays a blacksmith, who is forced to take the weapons he forges to fight for the rights of the people who have been oppressed for years.

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