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Watch Yogi romance Achara Kirk in Bachelor Party’s Nenapirali

The song Nenapirali, with Yogi and Achara, is a dream sequence picturized in Bangkok

Watch Yogi romance Achara Kirk in Bachelor Party’s Nenapirali
Yogi and Achara Kirk in the song

Last Updated: 05.21 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Bachelor Party, the latest venture from Rakshit Shetty’s Paramvah Studios was marketed as the next big thing from the banner after Kirik Party. The film, which marked the directorial debut of Abhijit Mahesh and starred Diganth, Yogi and Achyuth Kumar in the lead, was, however, not much of party material eventually. The film opened to largely scathing reviews, for not delivering in terms of story or laughs.


The team has now released the full video of the romantic number Nenapirali, featuring Loose Mada Yogi and YouTuber Achara Kirk, which, in the film is a dream sequence of his character Maddy. Considering that the song’s dropped, the next best bet is that Bachelor Party will land on OTT shortly. The film did not have an OTT partner on board at the time of its release, but since it is a Paramvah Studios production it will land on a major platform for sure.

Bachelor Party follows the protagonist Santhosh (Diganth), who is stuck in an unhappy marriage, with a bossy wife who cares more for the dog and the house help than him. He is keen to remain married and somehow make it work with her, but then he finds out why she is indifferent to him when in a moment of drunken exhilaration, he embarks on a trip to Bangkok with two pals.

The film is one of several ‘smaller’ projects that Rakshit has produced, which he knows may not work commercially, but are part of his scheme of allowing promising filmmakers to make those films that come from their heart. There are films like Abracadabra, Strawberry, Mithya and Ibbani Tabbida Ileyalli, among others, that are awaiting their dates with audiences. Rakshit is aware that these films will probably fare better on OTT, but the current market dynamics require a theatrical outing first.

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