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Wednesday costume designer decodes Finding the Addams family looks, reveals what’s in store for season 2

She was inspired from a Zara store collection

Wednesday costume designer decodes Finding the Addams family looks, reveals what’s in store for season 2
A still from Netflix's Wednesday

Last Updated: 03.10 AM, Sep 26, 2023


Tim Burton did not disappoint us with his web series, Wednesday. One thing about the show that definitely catches your attention is the dark wardrobe which fits the scenario. This does not come as a surprise for it is from the skilled, four-time Oscar-winning costume designer, Colleen Atwood. She decoded what went behind the looks and how one Zara store convinced her what she needed to design for the show.

Did you say a Zara store?

That’s right. During Variety’s ‘Artisans’ series, Colleen revealed that she was inspired from a Zara store. There’s a twist to it. This store is in Romania. She worked on the costumes along with Mark Sutherland. She had to bring the traditional Addams Family look into the modern world.

Started with the polar opposites, Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair

She took on the challenge of designing for one who is goth and the other who loves colour. So, for Enid, the look was sillier because she loves pastels. Wednesday was the real work since she had to stand out despite being in either black or white. It even goes to the extent of Wednesday distinguished school uniform – black and grey stripes as compared to purple and black stripes. For Colleen, she took a 1960s shirt and added a Peter Pan collar to it. “The fabric’s actually hand painted, hand silk screened, because I couldn’t find a fabric that had the right gradation on camera of the black and gray that I wanted so you don’t have that strobe-y effect of stripes,” she revealed. This is one trick she used on Tim’s 1999 horror film, Sleepy Hollow.

Catherina Zeta-Jones had different looks

Catherine’s dress was made in leather at the beginning. Eventually though, she got a jersey. Colleen further teases about season 2. This time, Catherine’s character Morticia will be out of the dress and also be seen in more around-the-house looks. Colleen promises something unique on the way for the new season.

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