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Welcome To Samdal-ri ending explained - Ji Chang-Wook and Shin Hye-Sun’s drama is about thriving by any means possible

Netflix's Welcome To Samdal-ri ended with a bang. The heartwarming final episode scored a massive viewership, compared to its entire run in 2023

Welcome To Samdal-ri ending explained - Ji Chang-Wook and Shin Hye-Sun’s drama is about thriving by any means possible

Welcome To Samdalri

Last Updated: 08.39 PM, May 22, 2024


Last year, after Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung’s My Demon, Welcome To Samdal-ri impressed with a remarkable surge in ratings on Netflix for its final episode. The Ji Chang-Wook and Shin Hye-Sun starrer clocked 12.3 percent, which makes it one of the highest rated K-dramas on the streaming giant.

Welcome To Samdal-ri plot

The story of this K-drama is filled with heartwarming moments between a group of friends and two former lovers. A large part of the series was shot on Jeju Island, and one gets to witness the scenic beauty of this South Korean island. The story begins with the unexpected downfall of Jo Sam-Dal, a successful celebrity photographer, in Seoul, which drives her to return to her hometown. There, she reunites with her former lover, Jo Yong-Phil, with whom she had a terrible past. The story delves into Sam-Dal struggling with her past, her family, and trying to get back her job and reputation by any means possible.


How did Welcome To Samdal-ri end?

In one word, Welcome To Samdal-ri's ending is brilliant. The way Jo Sam-Dal and her childhood friends, including Jo Young-Phil, pull off the photography exhibition is nothing short of genius. The writers should receive a big shout-out for keeping the audience excited till the very end, despite the series being a typical romance drama. Unlike some narratives that rely on high-stake melodrama to build tension, Welcome To Samdal-ri kept things grounded. There are no unnecessary cliche scenes in the ending. Rather, it offers a deeply satisfying conclusion that celebrates the power of communication, resilience, wit, and understanding between friends.

What does Welcome To Samdal-ri teach us?

As the K-drama comes to an end, viewers are treated to a heartwarming montage with all the characters setting back into the comfortable rhythm of their hometown lives. Each one of them is seen diligently pursuing their own choice of professions, the ones that they embraced during their younger days. Even the lost soul among them finds confidence in navigating a new career with a bright future.

The final scene serves as a poignant reminder that home is not just a place where you can only return to relax. Rather, it's a shelter. It's the most familiar part of our lives that never hesitates to embrace us with open arms whenever we feel lonely and lost.

The hometown, Samdal-ri, and the people in the community teach us that sometimes the greatest escape lies not in running away but in returning to your roots. Sometimes you can achieve more than you expected when you confront your vulnerabilities and rediscover the essence of who you really are.

Welcome To Samdal-ri doesn't just show off the scenic beauty of a seaside town. It is a testament to the enduring power of home and family as a source of solace, self-discovery, and a fulfilling life.

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