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Werewolf by Night trailer: Marvel brings a black & white horror series and we are intrigued

The first-ever special presentation was screened at D23 Expo 2022.

Werewolf by Night trailer: Marvel brings a black & white horror series and we are intrigued
A still from Werewolf By Night
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Last Updated: 02.32 AM, Sep 12, 2022


Are you prepared to explore the Multiverse more? Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige addressed the stage during the Walt Disney Studios-Lucasfilm & Marvel Studios Presentation on Saturday at D23 Expo 2022 to deliver several brand-new developments as the MCU moves further into Phases 4, 5, and 6 — also known as The Multiverse Saga. One of them is the upcoming series, Werewolf By Night, which will stream on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

When Jack Russell changes into the feral hybrid known as Werewolf by Night and becomes a howling, hirsute hero, he learns the truth about who he really is.

The subject of Werewolf by Night is a werewolf that Russell had imprisoned in his Transylvanian castle and a man whose relatives had become lycanthropes as a result of a fortuitous brush with Dracula. It's a well-known story of a man who receives the curse after being bitten by a werewolf. And sure, Dracula does appear in Marvel Comics.

However, Jack Russell was merely born with the curse.

As per reports, despite a revamp in 2020 creating two distinct versions of the Werewolf by Night, the next Halloween special is said to focus on the original Jack Russell version. Given the film's obvious influences from vintage horror film cliches, this was a wise decision.

Moreover, due to his lycanthropy, Jack is a violent guy who is frequently shown as being unable to control his vicious werewolf alter ego after turning into one for three days at the onset of every full moon. Even though it has a Marvel twist, it is exactly what you would anticipate from a werewolf narrative. And even though the character later engaged in combat with Spider-Man, several Avengers, and even joined the Midnight Sons, he is still unquestionably not a superhuman. He's a comic book adaptation of the well-known tragic story instead. He has been around for a while.

The first-ever special presentation from Marvel Studios, Werewolf By Night, will start streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on October 7, 2022. Along with Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly, director Michael Giacchino appeared on stage with Kevin Feige to update fans on the upcoming "fun-scary" special and reveal the first trailer.