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What is 'Made In Abyss': K-pop idols under fire for watching manga-turned-anime series | Exploring the controversy

Several K-pop idols including TXT‘s Soobin, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, NCT‘s Taeyong and LE SSERAFIM's Sakura have been receiving backlash for watching the 'Made In Abyss' anime series.

What is 'Made In Abyss': K-pop idols under fire for watching manga-turned-anime series | Exploring the controversy
Made In Abyss

Last Updated: 01.36 PM, Nov 21, 2023


In the era of Netflix and various OTT platforms, anime has experienced a surge in global popularity. While numerous anime series have gained widespread acclaim, some find themselves embroiled in controversy. One such manga-turned-anime, 'Made In Abyss,' has captured attention, but not for positive reasons.

Several K-pop idols, including TXT's Soobin, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, NCT's Taeyong, and recently LE SSERAFIM's Sakura, are facing criticism for publicly engaging with the series, even going so far as to cosplay as its characters. Some are facing backlash for even speaking about it in their live interactions with fans.

So what exactly is 'Made In Abyss' and why is it so controversial?

The controversy surrounding 'Made In Abyss' arises from its explicit content, which involves the sexualization of children and graphically violent scenes featuring them.

The series' creator, Akihito Tsukushi, is viewed as highly problematic, with allegations of being a "lolicon," a term referring to an adult sexually attracted to prepubescent girls. 

Despite these concerns, 'Made In Abyss' has received accolades, including Anime of the Year, and was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the best anime of the decade.

As K-Pop enthusiasts raised concerns about the problematic themes in "Made in Abyss," which portrayed children in a questionable light, viewers of the anime provided an alternative viewpoint. They argued that the anime primarily focused on the children's adventures in an abyss.

Many idols have openly expressed their enjoyment of 'Made in Abyss,' and it wouldn't be unexpected if others are revealed to share the sentiment. Despite being a controversial series, fans of the manga and anime passionately defend it, dismissing criticism against idols who appreciate the show as unfounded and unreasonable.

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