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What Jennifer Did OTT release date – Watch the heartbreaking documentary feature on the evils of tiger parenting on THIS platform

What Jennifer Did OTT release date: The documentary feature film explores a violent crime that sent shockwaves across Canada and the Asian diaspora, highlighting the dangers of pushing kids.

What Jennifer Did OTT release date – Watch the heartbreaking documentary feature on the evils of tiger parenting on THIS platform
A still from What Jennifer Did ahead of its OTT release

Last Updated: 12.10 PM, Mar 16, 2024


What Jennifer Did is a feature-length documentary from director Jenny Popplewell, who uses police interrogation footage and testimonies from those involved with the case to get to the core of the chilling crime and its motive. Based on the Jennifer Pan case of 2010, the docufilm will premiere on OTT this summer.

Release date and teaser of What Jennifer Did


The documentary film will stream on Netflix on April 10. What Jennifer Did has also released a teaser for the same, offering a glimpse at the evilness and selfishness of the crime. In November 2010, a violent crime rocked a quiet Canadian town as a bunch of mysterious intruders broke into the house of a Vietnamese immigrant family, shooting most of them dead.

Name of Movie What Jennifer Did
Director Jenny Popplewell
Genre Documentary
Release Date April 10, 2024
OTT Platform Netflix

What is the documentary What Jennifer Did all about?

While mother Bich Ha Pan was dead, father Huei Hann Pan was alive but critically injured. As for Jennifer Pan, she had been left unharmed and tied up. After somehow managing to evade her trappings, she called 911 frantically. As the police began their investigation, there appeared to be more questions than answers. The Pan family had been an honest, generous, and hardworking one.

But when Jennifer’s words did not match the evidence and her actions, the police began suspecting her before eventually arresting her upon her confession and further proof. But why did she do it? Only for the money or the chance to be with Wong, the man she was obsessed with and forbidden from dating?

As details about the family’s dynamics and the past emerged, the police began delving deeper into Jennifer’s horrible crime—hiring contract killers to murder her own parents. A product of extreme tiger parenting, Jennifer had been forced towards excellence by her parents all her life, from back-to-back piano, flute, and figure skating lessons to attending no parties or dating boyfriends throughout college.

It had gone on long enough to turn Jennifer into a compulsive liar and manipulator, leading dual lives and lying about everything to her parents, simply for the sake of peace and sanity. But when such familial trauma can fester into something as rotten as slaughtering your own parents, it is worth thinking about while watching the haunting yet intriguing docufilm on April 10.

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