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What to stream: 8 must-see HBO shows before they leave Disney+Hotstar

Here's a list of handpicked HBO shows that you must watch before they leave Disney+Hostar. 

What to stream: 8 must-see HBO shows before they leave Disney+Hotstar
Best HBO shows.

Last Updated: 11.54 PM, Mar 10, 2023


Disney+Hotstar has been the home of all the beloved shows of HBO. And now it's over. From March 31, all the hit HBO shows will not be available for streaming on this platform. The end of the deal came to public knowledge when the platform responded to a query from a subscriber on Twitter. 

A subscriber wanted to know when would season 2 of Perry Mason would arrive on Hostar. In response, the platform tweeted, "Starting 31st March, HBO content will be unavailable on Disney+ Hotstar. You can continue enjoying Disney+ Hotstar’s vast library of content spanning over 100,000 hours of TV Shows and Movies in 10 languages and coverage of major global sporting events." 

The platform is yet to issue a statement on the matter. For many years now HBO has been at the forefront of delivering prestige TV shows. Many have become cultural phenomenons and shaped the trends of sequential storytelling both in the bygone television era and in the current streaming era. 

So it's about time you start watching the shows that you're friends have been endlessly obsessing about for a long time. It's now or never. While you can't binge-watch the massive library of HBO in a limited time, here's a list of handpicked shows that you must watch before they leave Disney+Hostar



This has to be on the top of your list. Because a) it's a phenomenal series based on history's one of the worst nuclear disasters in Soviet Russia and b) it's just a five-episode series. 


It's purely business. The series begins with Logan Roy developing a cold-feet and postponing his plans for retirement, which would have allowed his second-born son Kendall to take over the control of one of the powerful media conglomerates of the US. When Logan refuses to vacate the chair, it sets off a brutal powerplay within his family, that brings up all the deep and traumatic wounds from the past to the fore. 

Silicon Valley:

Each episode runs about 30 minutes, so it's easy to watch. You can complete all six seasons without a lot of effort. The series follows the efforts of a highly intelligent coder with awkward social skills to make it big on his own in Silicon Valley. It's relevant, eye-opening and hilarious. 

The Sopranos:

The crime drama is touted to be a game-changer for HBO. And it's credited with giving the network a massive edge over its competition and making anti-heroes alluring for the modern-day television audience. It won't be wrong to say that it's "The Godfather" of gangster tropes on television.


This show is a subversive take on the masked vigilantes. It turned the superhero tropes on their head and pushed the boundaries of storytelling on television. Each episode has a unique style and tone. It's dizzying, and at times difficult to orient with where the showrunners are going with this. But, you won't complain or feel bored. 

Mare of Easttown:

HBO never had a problem attracting the top talents. This series is led by a wonderful Kate Winslet, who's vulnerable and strong at once. If you're a sucker for investigative series with complicated relationship dynamics, this is right up your alley.

Game of Thrones:

Come on! Give it a try already, you won't regret it. 

The Wire:

It's one of the gems in HBO's phenomenal back catalogue. It's epic in scale and drama. Don't miss it. 

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