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What's new on JioCinema? Latest web series and movies to watch on the OTT platform

All you need to know about the programming schedule of the latest titles on JioCinema.

What's new on JioCinema? Latest web series and movies to watch on the OTT platform
I Love You; Rafuchakkar

Last Updated: 11.03 AM, Jun 16, 2023


With Shahid Kapoor's latest film, Bloody Daddy, JioCinema has definitely amplified the platform. Even the HBO original series The Idol has started streaming on the OTT platform. Other exciting titles currently streaming on JioCinema include Asur 2, Bhediya, and Vikram Vedha, among others.

Check out the latest films and web series on JioCinema below:

I Love You

Satya, a very accomplished business executive, and her fiancé Vishal anticipate a happy future together. When Satya is set to leave for Delhi one evening, she is stuck inside the office building. What threats does she face?

Asur 2

Shubh is back for payback, and he's upping the ante this time around. Will a broken Dhananjay Rajpoot and a broken Nikhil Nair be able to stop him?

Bewafa Sanam

Sandhya follows her father's wishes and marries Prem so that she can join him in London. But after witnessing Prem in the company of a woman named Neha, she begins to distrust him. Is there hope for Sandhya and Prem's marriage?


In the woods of Arunachal Pradesh, a wolf attacks Bhaskar in Bhediya. Bhaskar and his pals search for solutions while he changes into a shapeshifting werewolf, and the journey is full of unexpected turns and hilarious moments.

Bloody Daddy

Sumair Azad and his pal Jaggi steal a bag of cocaine from Sikandar Chowdhary. Sikandar abducts Sumair's son as a result, but the situation changes when Sumair drops the bag of cocaine.


On Halloween night, four friends get together to read an exciting horror thriller. Suddenly, odd things start happening to them as they read the book. Can they get rid of the ghost that keeps bothering them?

Crackdown 2

There is a hijacking plan and a murderous mastermind, and the lives of many people are in danger. It's a race against time for RAW agents RP, Zorawar, and Divya to foil one of the nation's bloodiest strikes.


Nishikant blames the Godavari River for his current condition. He tries to make sense of the tensions between generations and the concept of tradition within the context of Indian families after learning of his terminal illness. When will Nishikant realise he has shortcomings?

Gulaam Chor

Ashwin has a poker night at his house with his pals. However, when the money is stolen, CID officer Sanjay Shukla shows up at the site in an effort to apprehend the offender. Will he be able to figure out what's going on here?

Inspector Avinash

The protagonist is a charismatic police officer who, in 1998 UP, heads a Special Task Force that plays a crucial role in the takedown of dangerous weapons trafficking.

Kacchey Limbu

Aditi and Akash are held back from pursuing their true calling by the expectations of their families. However, the siblings find themselves pitted against one another in a cricket match for the Society League.


To help provide for his family, Rahul has moved to London. After that, Rahul runs into Pratiksha and offers his assistance. Then, Pratiksha strongly suggests that Rahul take a trip to India to see her relatives. Will he listen to what she has to say?

Love You Abhi

A woman's attempts to begin a new life following her husband's untimely death in a tragic accident are thwarted when she becomes the leading suspect in his murder.

Me Vasantrao

The life of Hindustani classical musician Vasantrao Deshpande is the subject of the biographical film Me Vasantrao. Learn the untold backstory of how Vasantrao became Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande.


The story follows three individuals, all with Mumbai roots, as they search for meaning in their daily lives. As the comedy, romance, and high-stakes drama escalate, the three people's fates become intertwined. I wonder what lies in store for them.

The Idol

Jocelyn is desperate to reclaim her position as the greatest and sexiest pop diva in America after a nervous breakdown wrecked her last tour. Tedros, a shady nightclub promoter, reignites her ardour. What kind of person she becomes as a result of her love awakening is yet to be seen.


Falsely accused of murder, Sethu's life takes an unexpected turn as he is sent to prison. He decides to risk his life by forming an inmate escape team. Will he be able to overcome the challenges he faces?


This comedy about young adults coming of age centres on the experiences of engineering students in Varanasi and is based on a popular novel written in Hindi.

Vaahlam Jaao Ne

Reena is head over heels for Sumit and hopes to spend forever with him. But when Sumit finds out that Reena has been married before, his entire world turns upside down. When Sumit learns the awful truth about Reena, will he accept her?

Vikram Vedha

A good cop named Vikram wants to kill the notorious criminal known as Vedha. Based on a well-known Indian folktale, this dynamic duo trades tales and riddles in place of weapons.

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