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When India's MJ Prabhu Deva met the real Michael Jackson many years ago

Dance legend Prabhu Deva recounts the brief interaction he had with the pop icon Michael Jackson, many years ago

When India's MJ Prabhu Deva met the real Michael Jackson many years ago
When Prabhu Deva met Michael Jackson

Last Updated: 01.39 PM, Apr 03, 2023


If you are an Indian kid who grew up in the 1980s or '90s, then two bona fide dance icons are sure to have cast a massive impression on you. We, of course, speak of the pop icon Michael Jackson and his worthy successor/counterpart Prabhu Deva who redefined swagger and smoothness on the dance floor. For the latter, just as in the case with millions of others across the world, MJ was a huge deal as an inspiration and as a fitting tribute, he has carried the Moonwalker's ethos and legacy with great pride and precision.

And Prabhu Deva, who celebrates his 50th birthday today (April 3), quite endearingly still holds the memory of meeting Michael Jackson for the first time very close to his heart. As a guest on the popular talk show Weekend with Ramesh, the Kaadhalan actor recounted the very brief interaction he had with MJ, when the pop idol visited India (Mumbai) for his iconic 1996 concert.

"The first time he (Jackson) had come to Mumbai in 1996, Anupam Kher sir called me and said, 'you want to meet him, right? Then come over'. I took a flight right away and it was Mr. Bharat Shah (businessman and film financier) who was organizing the whole event. They allowed only 4-5 people to meet with MJ and Bharat Shah sir prioritized me over his own son, saying that it's better if I got the opportunity. When I finally met him, I shook his hand, we hugged but the pictures were clicked by his photographer. I remember him saying something but my fan-boy moment was so intense that I couldn't clearly understand what he was saying!" said Prabhu Deva, while speaking to host Ramesh Aravind.

Born to a choreographer father, the legendary Mugur Sundar master, Prabhu Deva began his career in cinema in 1986, when he first appeared in Mani Ratnam's film Mouna Ragam. But it wasn't until the early '90s that the world got the opportunity to witness his inimitable dancing, with films like Gentleman and Kaadhalan revealing just how good he was. His brothers Raju Sundaram and Nagendra Prasad, too, are noted choreographers and actors.

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