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When Kanchan Mullick worked in a parlour

He is the current MLA of Uttarpara

When Kanchan Mullick worked in a parlour
Kanchan Mullick

Last Updated: 02.52 AM, Feb 05, 2023


Kanchan Mullick is a known face in Tollywood. After having a strong career for decades as a stage, TV, and film actor, he joined politics. He is the current MLA of Uttarpara. Before starting his career in acting, Kanchan worked in a beauty parlour. He once admitted this in Saswata Chattopadhyay’s show Apur Sansar. Recently the video went viral on Facebook. In the video, Saswata asked Kanchan what he would do if not acting.

Kanchan said, “That time I heard many things. People used to tell me that I did not do anything and spent time idly, they wondered how my family would survive. Once I replied, "Uncle, people in our locality know you, they see you every day. If they want to see me, they have to buy a ticket at the Academy."

What did he learn in the beauty parlour? Kanchan said that he learnt facial, mehendi, haircut--especially those parts of the hair and sideburn which are difficult to cut-- and waxing. That time an organization did a workshop on beautification and he attended it.

Right now he is going through a divorce with his wife Pinky. However, in the video, Kanchan answered what he would do to be a good husband. He said that he would be happy to be a good family man by giving him more time.

In that episode, Kanchan was accompanied by Sourabh Das. In the rapid-fire, he preferred Koushik Sen over Bratya Basu, though in reality, Kanchan is now a TMC MLA. He talked about Rudranil Ghosh, Biswanath Basu, Jisshu U Sengupta, and many others. He said that while being out of the station, if he had to choose someone to share the room with, he would choose Rudranil.


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