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When Aaryan and Nirvaana's romance in Love Buddy on Shemaroo Me get interrupted!

The Thea D’Souza, Rituperna Aishwarya and Sapan Gulati starrer Love Buddy on Shemaroo Me

When Aaryan and Nirvaana's romance in Love Buddy on Shemaroo Me get interrupted!
Love Buddy on ShemarooMe

Last Updated: 06.46 PM, Apr 27, 2024


The mood is set. The atmosphere is just right. The ambience just could not be any better. No wonder then, Aaryan and Niravaana were in the mood to get cosy with each other. Just as when Aaryan comes close to Niravaana, he gets an urgent phone call, wherein the opposite person gives him an update on the shooting.


Aaryan wants no mess during the shootings!

To which, Aaryan very categorically instructs the person on the other end of the call that, there should be absolutely no room for any kind of mess ups as far as the shooting schedule is concerned. The person on the other side of the phone agrees to what Aaryan instructed and assures that all of his instructions will be followed diligently.

Is Nirvaana chatting with someone about her personal life?

Upon hearing that his upcoming shooting’s schedule has been taken care of flawlessly, Aaryan returns to be with Nirvaana and spend some lovely time with her. But, what Aaryan is unaware of is that, while he was talking on the phone with someone regarding his shooting schedule, Nirvaana was busy texting someone regarding her frustrated and helpless state of mind. At the same time, she also messages that, despite all this, she is super proud of her husband Aaryan because of his incessantly non-stop hard work that he puts into his projects!

The emotional distance between Aaryan and Nirvaana starts increasing. But the sad part about it is that Aaryan is totally unaware of the same. Without any closeness in their relationship, Nirvaana’s frustrations only start increasing with each passing day. But, for the sake of Aaryan and his undying love towards her, Nirvaana seals her lips and chooses to bear it all, without uttering even a single word!

Just as things were getting out of her hand, there comes the pandemic which eventually leads to a lockdown! This sudden lockdown not just paralyses Nirvaana's emotions, but also Aaryan's professional progress. Needless to say, frustrations start seeping in from all the sides for the couple Aaryan and Nirvaana! 

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