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When MGR jumped into a moving train after buying Cola for his wife

The iconic Anbe Vaa is remembered for the impressive performances of MGR, Nagesh and Saroja Devi. A special mention should be made of the picturesque cinematography, which captured the beautiful Himalayan landscape, as well as the fabulous sets in true AVM style.

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Last Updated: 05.57 AM, Jul 27, 2022

When MGR jumped into a moving train after buying Cola for his wife
MGR in Anbe Vaa

Aruna Guhan, creative director with AVM Productions, disclosed how actor and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MG Ramachandran (MGR) had to board a running train while shooting for Anbe Vaa.

Aruna took to Instagram and shared more details about the interesting incident. In the post, she said, "When shooting for Anbe Vaa in Shimla, the cast and crew had to travel by train between locations. The train stopped in Kalga, and MGR sir's wife Janaki Ammal wanted something cold to drink."

She added, “MGR sir himself immediately got off the train to buy her a cold drink. He finished his purchase; by then, the train had started moving. He had to run and jump onto the moving train. When Tirulokachander sir asked why he had to go when we would have gotten it for him, MGR sir laughingly replied, 'How else will I get such thrills in Madras'.”

Aruna said this was one incident of many that speak of MGR's lightness of being and caring, fun-loving nature.

Anbe Vaa was produced by the sons of AV Meiyappan; Murugan, Saravanan and Balasubramaniam. The film was about JB (MGR), a wealthy industrialist who decides to take a break from business at his Simla home.

When he arrives, he discovers that his caretaker (Sambandam) has rented his house to Geetha's (Saroja Devi) family, collected the rent, and fled to Kasi with his wife. Manorama, his daughter, and Nagesh, his brother-in-law, are in charge of the house and the guests. JB chooses not to reveal his true identity and poses as a wealthy man and is willing to pay rent for a room in the house.

Balu and Geetha eventually fall in love. When Balu's true identity is revealed, Geetha believes the wedding plans are just another of his practical jokes and attempts to flee. He locates her and all misunderstandings are resolved. The couple marries.

ACT wrote the screenplay brilliantly. MGR's portrayal of the rich man posing as a tenant was outstanding. Nagesh was one-of-a-kind. Saroja Devi looked stunning in her make-up and costume. Its melodious music was one of its major selling points (composer M.S. Viswanathan worked on his own after separating from his erstwhile partner T.K. Ramamurthi).

With so many positives, Anbe Vaa became a box office success.

(Anbe Vaa streams on Amazon Prime Video)