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When the Weather is Fine ending explained - Will Hae-Won and Im Eun-Seob fall in love?

When the Weather is Fine portrays the tale of Mok Hae-Won and her childhood friend Im Eun-Seob's life struggles and rekindle love.

When the Weather is Fine ending explained - Will Hae-Won and Im Eun-Seob fall in love?

When the Weather is Fine

Last Updated: 09.25 PM, Jun 03, 2024


With its scenic countryside, poignant characters and compelling narrative, When the Weather is Fine will leave some lasting impressions on the viewers. This K-drama portrays the tale of Mok Hae-won and her childhood friend Im Eun-seob. This slow-burn romantic K-Drama is currently streaming on Netflix and Rakuten Viki.

When the Weather is Fine plot

Life in Seoul has taken its toll on Mok Hae-Won. A series of unfortunate events forces her to pack her bags and retreat to the familiar comfort of her hometown. Amid the whispers of forgotten memories, she encounters Im Eun-Seob, the owner of a cozy library. He is also her childhood friend, with whom she hasn't talked much over the years. Can Hae-Won get back on the track of her life again and embrace solace? Is there any chance of a romance between Hae-Won and Im Eun-Seob?


What does The Weather is Fine end signify?

The drama concludes with Eun-Seob and Hae-Won acknowledging that happiness isn't always easy to find. Both Im Eun-Seob and Hae-Won’s affirmations about their continued search for happiness at the end suggest a hopeful outlook for their future.

After returning to Seoul and living her previous life for some time, Hae-Won finds herself drawn back to her hometown, where her life began to brighten up. However, the writers keep the ending uncertain and do not spoon-feed a happy ending. The finale scene shows Eun-Seob dreaming that someday Hae-Won would visit his library and they will find love, peace, and contentment in each other's company.

The open ending is what makes the drama emotionally relatable. It reflects real life, where guarantees are scarce. There may not be anything like forever, but the beauty lies in their ability to cherish the limited moments they have together.

This K-Drama caters to viewers who wish to see a unique love story. It ditches the usual whirlwind of romance filled with rich characters, or villainous obstacles. Instead, it presents a cast of relatable individuals, just like the ones you might encounter in your daily life.

The drama doesn’t shy away from dealing with weighty subjects such as loneliness, past traumas, miscommunication between friends, the harsh realities of domestic abuse, and even the contemplation of suicide. The writers deserve a big shout-out for presenting such sensitive topics beautifully.

Although the drama’s ending is open to interpretation, the true beauty of the K-Drama lies in its focus on personal growth and self-discovery. The undeniable chemistry between Hae-Won and Eun-Seop amplifies the emotional resonance. Even the supporting characters played a vital role in showing the viewers how to deal with the harsh realities of life.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller, steer clear of When the Weather is Fine. It is a K-drama meant to be savoured.

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