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When Yash and Darshan came together to campaign for Sumalatha Ambareesh

Darshan and Yash lent their respective fame and status to Sumalatha Ambareesh's political campain in 2019

When Yash and Darshan came together to campaign for Sumalatha Ambareesh
Yash and Darshan's bonhomie has always cheered up fans

Last Updated: 08.36 PM, Jan 21, 2023


There is no doubt that Yash and Darshan are two of the biggest superstars to ever grace the silver screen. Both actors have had to strive incredibly hard to achieve the stature they own today and both of them have amassed millions of ardent fans in this pursuit. Their mutual relationship, too, has evolved over the years on cordial and amicable terms with no known scuffles or controversies to speak of. 

And for the fans, who wished to see the two reigning superstars together in a movie, the dream came closest to reality when Yash and Darshan combined their mega powers in support of their fellow actor and close friend, Sumalatha Ambareesh.

Of course, we speak of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections wherein Sumalatha forayed into politics in hopes of repeating her late husband's success. As an independent candidate, the veteran actor faced stiff opposition in the form of former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy's son and actor Nikhil Gowda: while Sumalatha boasted the unmitigated support of Mandya, her chosen constituency to contest elections, the task was far from being easy. That's when Darshan and Yash stepped in, lending their fame and status wholeheartedly to her political campaign.

The two actors utilized their respective clouts in the Mysuru-Mandya-Hassan territories and drew incredible attention to Sumalatha Ambareesh's campaign and quite literally flanked her during many of her political rallies. Weilding microphones atop trucks, both Yash and Darshan would address massive crowds with their quintessential flair, shouting away punchy dialogues to add the required intensity. The superstars would also share the same stage during the all-important press meet ahead of the 2019 elections and declared in unison that they represent the entire Kannada Film Fraternity in supporting Sumalatha Amabareesh.

While Yash referred to Sumalatha as 'akka' and spoke of the time he has spent in the Ambareesh home during his testing times, Darshan would call her 'amma' during his speech. Fans were overjoyed by the camaraderie the two of them shared and many of them fondly recall that brief phase even today.


In the past, Yash and Darshan have been pitted against one another by their fans and sections of the media, too, have reported a lot about their professional rivalry. Although the two have refrained from commenting on the speculations, they have extended goodwill to one another on every possible occasion. Yash and Darshan recently ran into one another at Abishek Ambareesh's engagement ceremony. 

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