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Where are Darshan’s pals in his time of despair?

Kannada actors who are known to be in Challenging Star Darshan’s inner circle have been on radio silence since his arrest

Where are Darshan’s pals in his time of despair?
Darshan's inner circle is now missing in action

Last Updated: 09.23 PM, Jun 22, 2024


Kannada superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa had a lot of friends, or so one thought. He was the doting big brother to struggling actors like Dhanveeraah, Yashas Surya, Vinnod Prabhakar, Zaid Khan and Abishek Ambareesh and often partied with them as well as with the likes of Prajwal and Pranam Devaraj as well. Devaraj and his sons were with Darshan when he crashed his SUV into a divider in Mysuru in 2018. Vasishta N Simha and Dhananjaya were said to be in his extended circle.

Yet, since Darshan’s arrest in connection with the Renukaswamy murder case none of them have spoken up, for or against him. They are not alone. Sumalatha Ambareesh, who is a close family friend of Darshan, has not publicly reacted to the arrest. Duniya Vijay, who was at the forefront of supporting Darshan back in 2011, when he went to jail for beating up his wife Vijayalakshmi, has now hit the mute button.

Darshan had done a cameo in Yashas Surya's film Garadi to give it a boost
Darshan had done a cameo in Yashas Surya's film Garadi to give it a boost

Kiccha Sudeep, who was briefly inseparable from Darshan, and then drifted apart, has not supported or berated the latter, keeping his response to the ongoing case only to ensuring justice for the deceased’s family. Real Star Upendra also toed a similar line, while Yash and Shivarajkumar are yet to make a public statement. It is unlikely they will, given that they are busy with professional commitments.

Darshan, who has been in police custody since June 11, has been shifted to Parapana Agrahara jail as of June 22, where he will remain until July 4, at least. A petition to move him to Tumkur jail will be heard by the court on June 24. Darshan is currently accused number 2 in the murder case, in which a 33-year-old man was brutally tortured to death for allegedly sending lewd messages to the actor’s partner of 10 years, Pavitra Gowda.

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