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Will Adrit and Koushambi tie the knot in May?

Adrit and Koushambi’s romance started on the set of the hit Zee Bangla mega serial, Mithai.

Will Adrit and Koushambi tie the knot in May?
Adrit and Kaushambi

Last Updated: 11.03 PM, Apr 17, 2024


The rumors about the wedding between Adrit and Kousambi started in 2023. Now it is heard that Mithai’s hero and his on-screen ‘Didia’ (sister) want to tie the knot this Baisakh. Their romance started on the set of the hit Zee Bangla mega serial. Mithai streams on Zee5 and you can also watch it on OTTplay Premium.  

The fans of Mithai fans initially did not like the love between the onscreen siblings. But they accepted it over time. It has been almost a year since Mithai ended. Now, Adrit and Kousambi will tie the knot. But they want to maintain secrecy and hence keep mum. But sources close to them are saying that the ceremony will take place on May 11. 

It was initially heard that they would marry in January or February, but Adrit was busy with his upcoming film with SVF. Kousambi is acting in the serial Phulki. Adrit will be seen in the SVF film Pagal Premi, directed by Abhirup Ghosh. Newcomer MoonMoon will be his heroine in this film. The production house will officially announce the film at the end of April or the beginning of May. 

Previously, Adrit had a long-time relationship with Supriya Mondal. Their wedding date was confirmed in December 2022. However, it was put off. It was heard that they broke up due to the alleged closeness between Adrit and Kousambi. Supriya got married at the beginning of 2024. 

A few days back, Kousambi came to the stage of Didi Number 1. Rachana asked her about her marriage plans and said, “I hear news regarding Kousambi on social media. She is keeping better after Mithai. She is listening to music in her spare time and glowing a lot.” Kousambi blushed after hearing this. She said ‘What are you doing!’ Then Rachana said regarding Kousambi’s marriage, “She is going to swallow ‘Dilli Ka Laddu’ very soon.” Then Kousambi gave up. She said that her man stayed in her heart. She also told Rachana that her family knew about her relationship and accepted it. 

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