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Will Trina Saha, Koushik Roy and Indrasish Roy’s Balijhor come to an end?

Ramprasad will soon replace the serial

Will Trina Saha, Koushik Roy and Indrasish Roy’s Balijhor come to an end?
A scene from the show

Last Updated: 01.52 AM, Apr 13, 2023


Is Trina Balijhor coming to an end? This has been rumored for a few days, and more so after Ramprasad's slot is announced. The channel, as heard, is not interested in continuing Balijhor in Guddi's slot of 5.30 pm. Hence, according to many, it may end its two months journey. 

The serial, starring Trina Saha, Koushik Roy, and Indrasish Roy, could not create any impression from the start. The Star Jalsha-serial was beaten hands down by the two-year-old Mithai on Zee Bangla. The channel announced Ramprasad's slot on April 7. It will replace Balijhar from April 17. Then what is the future of Jhora and Maharghya? The channel did not disclose anything. But Trina Saha’s Instagram post raised some speculations. 

Trina shared a fan page's Insta post in her story. It said, “Jhora’s gradual interest in Maharghya, loving him, building their chemistry, Jhora's bonding with her father-in-law, unmasking Samudra Sen, Jhora's journey in politics... everything lost to TRP. The team tried its best in the story and acting.” The actress shared another post by one fan of Koushik and Trina, which said, “How will we live without you? The Trishik duo will be with us forever.” The fans go on loving them irrespective of the rating, as is evident in the posts. 

The mega serial started on February 6, created by Leena Gangopadhyay’s Magic Moments. Trina and Koushik were once again together after an immensely successful Khorkuto. Dhulokana’s Lalon, aka Indrasish, was also with them. But many people said that the casting is so repetitive that they sometimes get confused about whether they watched Balijhar or Dhulokona or Khorkuto. Did the hit duo fail or is the story’s chemistry, everyone is looking for the answer. 

A year back, Trina told Hindustan Times in an interview that she does not bother herself about TRP. She said, “TRP does not matter to me that much as it matters to Neel. We see things differently. We do not compete but rather inspire each other. We also criticise each other’s work, but never say something like your is low and mine is high.” On the other hand, Neel and Tiyasha are coming back from shooting Bangla Medium abroad.”

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