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Women's Day 2023 exclusive: Tina Datta reveals who the most influential woman in her life is

The Uttaran actress was among the top ten contestants in Bigg Boss 16.

Women's Day 2023 exclusive: Tina Datta reveals who the most influential woman in her life is

Last Updated: 05.29 PM, Mar 08, 2023


International Women’s Day is upon us, and everyone across the globe is using this opportunity to celebrate the women in their lives who have changed and help them grow for the better. The star studded world of celebrities is no exception either.

After becoming a beloved face among audiences with her role in Uttaran, Tina Datta set about earning fans’ love yet again in the reality TV scene. The actress has been a part of popular Indian reality shows such as Khatron Ke Khiladi and Bigg Boss 16, even earning a spot in the Top Ten in the latter. On the occasion of Women’s Day, the actress opened up about the extraordinary women who have inspired her.

In an exclusive chat with OTTplay as a part of our ExtraordiNaaris campaign, Tina said that one of the most influential women in her life is her mother, Madhumita Datta. Tina said “I think it's not just my life but everybody's life has been influenced very widely by their mothers. Our mother's are the ones who build our values, our foundations to teachings in life and they are the ones who hold our homes together. They are inspirations for not just every girl or boy, but every home out there! They are truly women of substance”.

She went on to say “Besides that I think that there are many women in my life who have inspired me to the fullest. A few of my close friends- industry and non industry friends, some of my co-actors who I have worked with over the years, so many other women in the industry who I look up to for inspiration, even our women cops out there who are doing a brilliant job to ensure our safety”.

“So it's hard to name just one woman, because there are so many women out there who inspire me every single day!”, Tina signed off.

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