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Working with Ravi sir on Drishya 2 was a whole new experience: Aarohi Narayan

The actress plays his daughter in the Kannada remake of the Malayalam hit, Drishyam 2

  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 05.54 AM, Dec 09, 2021

Working with Ravi sir on Drishya 2 was a whole new experience: Aarohi Narayan
Aarohi Narayan

Seven years since they last worked together on the first installment of Drishya, Aarohi Narayan reunited with the cast of the film for the sequel a few months ago. Called Drishya 2, the film opens in theatres tomorrow and Aarohi says that this time around, her working relationship with veteran actor Ravichandran V, who plays her father and lead character Rajendra Ponnappa, was a lot better.

“There is a lot of difference in my interactions with Ravi sir now. Back when we were doing Drishya, I was literally scared to even talk to him and I maintained a distance from him because all said and done, he is a big star, even though he went out of his way to make all us very comfortable on set. In fact, he would get us goodies from the nearby bakery every day. Drishya was my first film and I did not want to even inadvertently cross boundaries. But by Drishya 2, we were all like one big family, talking and making merry. In fact, every time I tried to withdraw to a corner and maybe watch some OTT content with my headphones on, they would not let me do that and ensured that I was a part of all conversations. Ravi sir, in particular, would discuss the film and cinema in general; so, for someone like me, being on set was very productive. Honestly, I think Ravi sir and I became a lot closer during the making of Drishya 2. He would tell me about how the Kannada film industry was when he started out and how it is now and what I need to do to present myself better as a heroine. He even gave me tips on how to groom myself,” she says.

Of course, all these tips were supplemented by feedback from director P Vasu and Navya Nair, who plays Aarohi’s mother in the film. “Navya would guide me on basic etiquette to follow when speaking to others, the body language I should maintain, which should reflect my confidence, etc. The set of Drishya 2 was like being in school for me,” she signs off.