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Worst Malayalam movies of 2023 so far: Mohanlal's Alone, Mammootty's Christopher

In the first of 2023, there was a steady flow of brain-dead Malayalam movies. 

Worst Malayalam movies of 2023 so far: Mohanlal's Alone, Mammootty's Christopher
Worst Malayalam movies of 2023.
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.10 AM, Jun 05, 2023


While we saw some remarkable Malayalam movies in the first of 2023, there was also a steady flow of brain-dead movies. 

Here's the list of the five worst Malayalam movies of 2023 so far. 



Live falls short of its potential to expose the unethical practices of the media and raise awareness about the dangers of sensationalism. The story follows Anna Chirayath, a wrongly accused young woman caught up in a drugs and sex racket. As the media sensationalises her arrest without verifying the facts, a group of good samaritans join forces to fight against injustice. Unfortunately, director VK Prakash and scriptwriter S Suresh Babu fail to capitalise on the film's relevant theme, resulting in ineffective storytelling and predictable sequences. The antagonist's backstory feels largely digressive, testing the audience's patience. And, the lead cast's performances are hampered by one-dimensional characters. 

Pakalum Pathiravum:

Pakalum Pathiravum showcases the potential of a well-written script grounded in realism but falls short due to its execution. The story follows Michael, a wildlife photographer, who encounters a struggling family in a village near the Kerala-Karnataka forest border. However, the plot thickens when the family finds out about the things in Michael's possession. And this development introduces a sense of distrust in the narrative as the family now must navigate their next steps carefully while being wary of a potential Maoist threat. In the hands of another director with proven skills in making realistic thrillers, the film could have been an engaging watch. Pakalum Pathiravum, however, suffers from unnecessary cinematic elements and fails to fully explore its intriguing premise, ultimately missing the mark.

Oh My Darling:

Oh My Darling disappoints with its inability to live up to expectations set by its trailers. The story revolves around Joel, who finds out that his girlfriend Jenny is pregnant, forcing him to confront the sudden responsibilities that await him. With Jenny determined to keep the child, Joel must make some hard changes to his life and make difficult choices. However, the film fails to deliver on its promising premise.


Director Shaji Kailas' Alone takes place during the Covid-induced lockdown and features Mohanlal as a solitary character with numerous eccentricities. Unfortunately, this one-actor film manages to achieve the unimaginable: making Mohanlal's performance appear lacklustre. In attempting to breathe life into this brain-dead movie, Mohanlal's performance feels unimpressive. If you haven't seen this film, consider yourself fortunate, as it severely damages the goodwill one has for Mohanlal.


Christopher fails to effectively address its main theme of violence against women, as it neglects to explore the stories and experiences of the victims. The film presents women characters as helpless and one-dimensional, lacking complexity and agency. They are portrayed as reliant on a heroic male cop, who resorts to extrajudicial killings in order to bring them justice. Mammootty appears lost and unsure of understanding his character's motivations, resulting in a lacklustre performance. While he attempts to maintain dignity by underplaying his role, the overall film is beyond redemption.