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Writer Padmabhushan: Manninchava Amma is a fitting ode to motherhood from an empathetic son

Karthik has crooned for the number composed by Kalyan Nayak and written by Koti Mamidala

Writer Padmabhushan: Manninchava Amma is a fitting ode to motherhood from an empathetic son
Writer Padmabhushan
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 10.34 AM, Feb 19, 2023

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Mother sentiment is an oft-used trope employed by Telugu filmmakers since times immemorial effectively in mainstream cinema. While it’s no doubt a cliche, a smart director can use it to his advantage if he gives it a novel spin. This is exactly what director Shanmukha Prashanth managed with his debut Writer Padmabhushan starring Suhas, Tina Shilparaj, Rohini and Ashish Vidyarthi.

Manninchava Amma, a new song from the film was launched on Saturday. For the uninitiated, Writer Padmabhushan, while revolving around the trials and tribulations of a struggling writer, pays a fitting homage to motherhood and how moms selflessly dedicate their life towards their families. The latest song has a son conveying love for his mother and apologising for not recognising her interests as an individual.

Karthik and Kalyan Nayak have crooned for the song, also composed by the latter. Koti Mamidala is the lyricist. “Aanandaala Aakaashame..Andhisthaavu Naakosame..Amma Neeku Emivvane..Nuvve Adagavaa..,” the song takes off, where a son says how far his mom goes to make him happy. ‘What should I do to repay your love? Why don’t you say it yourself?’ he asks.


In reference to the film, the lyricist sums up the essence of Writer Padmabhushan succinctly with ‘Nee Odini Badiga Chesi..Enno Kalalu Nerpaavu..Naa Kalalanu Mundhe,,Chadivi Kathaga Raasaavu.’ (Those who watched the film would certainly get it) While not sounding syrupy or flowery, the song uses simple words to voice the feelings of an empathetic son paying a tribute to all mothers.

The apologetic tone of the narrator comes through in the final charanam, communicating it through the lines ‘Manninchava Nannu Osaari Amma..Neekosam Nenu Chesindhem Ledhamma’ and ‘Neekevo Kaavaali Ani Adagaledhuga..Neelone Nenunna Gamaninchaledhugaa’ Karthik’s mellifluous rendition ensures that the soul of the song is not tampered with.

The lyrical video with stills from the film and real-life images of mother-son duos from the team's cast and crew complements the mood of the song. Writer Padmabhushan, also starring Gouri Priya, Goparaju Ramana, hit screens on February 4 and was a box office success.