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X-Men ’97 March 2024 release confirmed with the first look Ft. Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, and more – Check it out

X-Men ’97 will be an animated series that will hit streaming in March this year and is an anticipated one.

X-Men ’97 March 2024 release confirmed with the first look Ft. Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, and more – Check it out
X-Men '97 Release Date Confirmed

Last Updated: 05.46 PM, Feb 15, 2024


Seems like Kevin Feige has decided to make this week all about his plan for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there is no way we can wrap our heads around the big announcements he is making right now. Deadpool & Wolverine teaser came as a happy shock because it has so much to offer. Last night (for India), the studio ended up giving the biggest Valentine’s surprise as they announced the cast of The Fantastic Four. We were not even over the happy news when the studio didn’t even take 24 hours before they just randomly dropped the first look and release date announcement of their next Disney+ series X-Men ’97.

X-Men ’97 release Date Revealed

X-Men ’97 is one of the most anticipated shows that is about to drop on Disney+ worldwide. It is one of the only handful titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be releasing in the year 2024. The studio has now announced the release date of the series and also shared the first look.

As per the announcement provided to the Empire Magazine, X-Men ’97 will begin streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar (in India) on March 20. The date was already speculated by some of the scoopers on the internet but now has confirmation.

The First Look

The new first look for X-Men ’97 features a bunch of characters all dressed in costumes inspired by the 90s era. The show is an animated twist to the popular IP. The still shared with the release date announcement includes Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Storm, Wolverine, Beast, Morph, and Bishop hitting the basketball court. The first look has the vibe of the 90s show but also the feel of the modern world, which means it has something to offer to both the world who will watch the show on Disney+.

About X-Men '97

If you aren’t aware, the show follows the footsteps of the X-Men: The Animated Series that aired from 1992 to 1997. It followed Professor X aka Charles Xavier and his team of X-Men who were hell-bent on saving the world that was actually hating the mutants. Little to nothing has been revealed about X-Men ’97; however, scoopers have said that the show will work as a continuation of the predecessor and will also have a new vibe.

The voice cast for the animated series includes Cal Dodd, Lenore Zann, George Buza, Alison Sealy-Smith, Chris Potter, Catherine Disher, Adrian Hough, and Christopher Britton. X-Men ’97 will stream on Disney+ Hotstar from March 20. There are no details of the release format out yet. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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