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Yaathisai makers drop character posters; making video of the period drama turns heads

The film, directed by Dharani Rasendran, revolves around the Pandiyas

Yaathisai makers drop character posters; making video of the period drama turns heads
A poster of Yaathisai
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Last Updated: 01.48 PM, Apr 17, 2023

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Even as the Chola team of Ponniyin Selvan 2 has been involved in the promotions of the film aggressively, yet another period film that's quietly turning many heads is Dharani Rasendran's Yaathisai. The film, which is a periodical fiction, is based on the Pandiyan prince Ranadheeran who ruled in the 7th century, when the Chola dynasty had lost its power and its people were forced to live in the woods. The film, directed by Dharani Rasendran has become the talk of the town ever since the makers dropped its trailer.

 Now, the team has also shared the character posters from the film. The drama will haveas the mighty warrior Ranadheera Pandian, Seyon as Kodhi, leader of the Eyinan Tribe, Rajalakshmi as Devaradiyar, the dancing damsel, Samar as Eyinan warrior Thudi, Vaidehi Amarnath as Devaradiyar - the beauty to behold, Chandrakumar as the warrior and historian of the Eyinan Tribe and Samson as Brahmin.

The sound making video released earlier revealed that the team used live sounds in the film. "The equipment that were used for the fight scenes do not exist any more, so we had to travel extensively, do some research and then create the sound," reveal sound designers Saravanan and Dharma.

The team had earlier dropped the making of the film, in which they gave a sneak peek of the film's conception, creation of characters, costume making to name a few. The video also revealed that the artists worked hard on their bodies for the physical transformation for their characters. The trailer of the film has won many hearts and shows how kings waged wars against kingdoms for land, people, rights and virtue. Yaathisai also has the tagline, 'Authority leads to oppression'

Music for the film is by Chakravarthi, cinematography by Akilesh Kathamuthu and editing by Mahendran Ganesan. Dialogues are by Thirumurugan Kalilingam. The film is bankrolled by Venus infotainment & Six star entertainment.