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Yash 19: Geetu Mohandas almost confirmed for Yash's next after Rima Kallingal's latest post?

Rima Kallingal might have just offered the confirmation that every Rocking Star Yash fan has been waiting for!

Yash 19: Geetu Mohandas almost confirmed for Yash's next after Rima Kallingal's latest post?
Rima Kallingal on Yash 19
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.09 AM, Apr 27, 2023


The excitement in the air is almost palpable at the moment as the countdown for the all-important announcement regarding 'Yash 19' continues. As the entire social media unites to keep track of the developments, one grows more and more certain that Rocking Star Yash, quite indeed, will spring a pleasant surprise on everyone. Should you find yourself on Twitter at some point, you are likely to find '#Yash19' trending with great intensity and one of the first names you will spot once you dig in is that of Geetu Mohandas.

The popular Malayalam actor and filmmaker, who has directed acclaimed films like Liar's Dice and Moothon, is rumoured to be directing Yash's much-awaited 19th film, one that carries the burden of being the follow-up to the mighty K.G.F: Chapter 2. Neither Yash nor Geetu Mohandas has shared word on the same but it would seem that the internet has received the first major confirmation/hint that it was in dire need of!

Earlier today (April 26), popular Malayalam actress and film producer Rima Kallingal tagged her close friend and colleague Geetu Mohandas in an Instagram story related to Yash 19. The story would also include a screenshot of a news update which claimed that Geeth Mohandas will be helming Yash's next - most importantly, Rima would include an affirmative text alongside the screenshot which, more or less, confirms that the speculations are true after all. 'Ma babeeeeee here people,' wrote Rima to suggest that she is, indeed, privy to the developments.

Screengrab of Rima Kallingal's Insta Story
Screengrab of Rima Kallingal's Insta Story

Needless to say, the whole of the internet is super ecstatic about what's to come and quite evidently, the anticipation is soaring higher and higher with each minute. All eyes are now fixed on Yash and Geetu Mohandas' official social media handles for an official statement and by the looks of it, one wouldn't have to wait for it for too long. 

And, to make things more special, we have a solid reason to believe that the film in the making is a gangster drama. Click on the link below to learn more: