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Young Sheldon Season 7 premiere video offers a sneak peek into Mary and Sheldon’s fate after the tornado

Young Sheldon is a CBS hit spinoff based on The Big Bang Theory's protagonist Sheldon Cooper's childhood. Its seventh season shall be its final one and will premiere on February 15, 2024.

Young Sheldon Season 7 premiere video offers a sneak peek into Mary and Sheldon’s fate after the tornado

Young Sheldon

Last Updated: 04.39 AM, Dec 06, 2023


Young Sheldon Season 7 is coaxing tissue papers and blowy noses out of all fans, since its announcement of there being no more seasons after its premiere. The series began by tracing the journey of a young and adorable yet eternally cocksure Sheldon, as he navigates family life, high school and physics, at the tender age of 9. But it soon began exploring the character arcs of the Cooper family members as well, as they had already carved a niche in the audience’s heart.

A newly released behind-the-seasons video for the premiere of Young Sheldon Season 7 was posted by the show’s producer Ansley Rix on his Instagram, captioned, “Episode 1 of our FINAL SEASON in the can!!! Episode 2 here we come!! #youngsheldon” As the video captured the various beloved Coopers, Meemaw, and Mandy on set, frolicking off-camera, a spoiler was leaked as well.

The finale of season 6 of Young Sheldon saw Mary and Sheldon arrive at Germany for his prestigious summer program, while the rest of the family battled a tornado in Texas. The season climaxed with a worried Mary repeatedly trying the house phone to no avail. George, Missy, Georgie, Mandy, and Dale all attempt to scavenge the decimated and scattered remains of Meemaw’s house in the aftermath of the tornado.


However, the premiere video revealed Ian Armitage and Zoe Perry on the Cooper residence’s set. This confirms the fact that Season 7 will begin with Mary and Sheldon back in Texas. This, in turn, gives rise to either of the two possibilities. One, Mary and Sheldon cut their trip short to return home and be with the family. Or two, the seventh season of Young Sheldon begins after the duo’s return.

Whichever theory it is, Season 7 of Young Sheldon will prove it and more. After all, it has a tough task ahead with covering Mandy and Georgie’s upcoming nuptials, Sheldon’s journey off to college, and the most heart wrenching one, George’s death.

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