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Zwigato director Nandita Das shares behind-the-scenes experience of working with Kapil Sharma

Zwigato, which also stars Sahana Goswami, releases on March 17

Zwigato director Nandita Das shares behind-the-scenes experience of working with Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma

Last Updated: 07.52 PM, Mar 04, 2023


Nandita Das, the director of Zwigato that stars Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami, opens up about her experience of working with the actor-comedian in the film.

Nandita said, "Working with Kapil and Shahana was easy because both of them are connected to the lives of common people. You see, if audiences across the world have loved Kapil's show for the last 10 years, there must have been something about him, right? When he makes people laugh, happiness comes from his eyes. So, when I met Kapil and decided to cast him for the film, I saw the connection that he still holds with common people, even though he has a different lifestyle - not that of a common man (smiles)."

Nandita also added that being an actress herself made it easier for her to direct Kapil.

"Since I am also an actor, I know how an actor gets into the skin of the character and the context they need to enhance their performance. Kapil understood the character well and eventually, when he wore the uniform of a food delivery man, he got into the skin of the character perfectly," said Nandita.

Zwigato was screened at the Busan International film festival and the Toronto International Film Festival last year. And Nandita said that she was surprised to see the audiences' reaction.

"I remember that many people, mostly Kapil's fans, attended our screening and I was surprised to see the turnout. You see, they have only seen him as a comic in his show, and this is a very different kind of film. But eventually, post the screening, when I interacted with the audience, I realised that it was actually a refreshing change for them to watch Kapil in an intense, relatable character," shared Nandita.

Zwigato, produced by Applause Entertainment, releases in theatres on March 17.

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