110 series review: Kavin Dave is brilliant in the Abhishek Jain directed show
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Critics Review
110 series review: Kavin Dave is brilliant in the Abhishek Jain directed show

While 110 has a few weak moments, the series has a good feel to it overall.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 01, 2021
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An overweight man struggles to fulfil his dream of becoming an RJ owing to his weight. Once an RJ, he then struggles between maintaining his own identity and being the most loved RJ of Gujarat.


110 is one of the few Gujarati series which can appeal to all kinds of audiences. Being a story about an overweight man, 110 also focuses on various characters before exploring RJ Falgun (Kavin Dave)'s life journey.

The introduction scene of this show is quite interesting. It takes you through the day-to-day chores and life on the streets, as the lead character Falgun, currently, a production assistant (telephone operator) dreams about becoming an RJ. Kavin's introductory scene is as interesting too.

We then meet RJ Dan, who is a bully. Just because Falgun is a softie, he ends up being bullied and body shamed by him. He says there needs to be weight in a voice and not in the body. He further calls him 'Fugga' (balloon). The insults drag on and seem mechanical after a point. Dan's character itself is too arrogant, to the extent that he skips out on important office meetings.

Kavin, on the other hand, is quite a surprise with his talent for mimicry. His character, however, develops in very poor taste in the office in the first episode. He has some beautiful moments throughout the series and he performs them well. The background music adds to the emotion he wants to portray on screen.

Sanjay Bhatiya and Vaibhavi Bhatt's entry is rather lukewarm but promises something. Sanjay is, especially, too good when venting out his job frustration. Vaibhavi, on the other hand, plays a typical mother who shows concern for her kid and later, scolds him for her wrongdoing. As the show progresses, you realise that Sanjay, Vaibhavi and Kavin's family moments are so genuine that they will remind you of your own dinner time with your fam.

Jay Upadhyay is a surprise element to the show. His stern and assertive tone makes up for quite a story. The actor's performance is something you can always look up to when he is on screen. What Vaibhavi couldn't, Jay did in the series. His sass, usually found in mothers and mothers-in-law, is on point every single time.

The examples set to improving Falgun's life are too beautifully placed. Whether in the form of his father or a street salesman, Falgun finds motivation everywhere. This leads to a very beautiful moment with him later in the episode.

The series has Bollywood references. Falgun refers to himself as the 'Nayak' of radio when he became the 'temporary' RJ. The 'jal lijiye' meme also comes alive in the series and surprisingly, it makes the tense environment light.

The show also addresses misogynistic behaviour and unhealthy competition. Of course, Dan is at the centre of it.

'Fugga' and 'Lakdi (stick)'s friendship is quite an interesting one. It goes on to show how real friends stand by you during your lowest moments, even if they eventually pull your leg.

The punchlines in 110 are on point. While some scenes have weird emotions attached to them, the others are genuine and funny.

The series also introduces Brinda Trivedi, a bubbly person. She motivates Falgun in losing his weight without him even putting in too much of an effort into it.

The series brings out Gujaratis just as they are in real life - unfiltered. Not only do the ladies but the men here also love gossiping and judging people to the extent of an insult, right to their face.

The second episode ends on an emotional high that you would not expect from where the episode takes off. RJ Falgun's story turns inspiring soon enough and is quite a delight to watch.

The third episode begins on a random note with Brinda Trivedi walking in like a typical heroine. Falgun tries to carry a swag in the scene but ends up looking like a villain straight out of the '80s. It later subtly shows Falgun's story on replay with another struggling RJ, who is Falgun's, you guessed it, production assistant.

The irony in the episode is that while Falgun struggles with his weight, his mother is picky about a girl's height. The situation is astounding, especially since 110 tries to and has been breaking the norm so far.

'Nick bhai' brings in cricket and the dating world together in a sexist way. The scene is sure to gross you out, especially as it has been hyped a lot. The scene was unnecessary unless the directors wanted to contradict themselves and suddenly show Falgun's moral ground, which went missing when he was a telephone operator.

Kavin and Sanjay's father-son moments are quite the match. They evolve throughout the series in a very beautiful way. Sanjay actually sunk his teeth into the character and proves to be Kavin's father by acting a notch above the lead actor.

Brinda makes a magical re-entry in the episode. She is even introduced as someone who will bring something vital to the show. Her chemistry with Kavin happens to be magical too. Kavin's voiceover during the beautiful date turns out to enhance the scene to a whole new level.

The fourth episode begins where the show started - with the women creating problems in Falgun's life and him struggling to be the RJ that he always wanted to be.

This episode shows the real struggles that come with living in a joint family. It also subtly brings the number 110 back in Falgun's life.

Lakdi's special appearance brings hilarity to the otherwise tense episode. It takes an emotional turn soon, which only happens to be the tip of an iceberg.

The banter between Vaibhavi and Brinda is quite tense. However, as expected, the series ends on an emotional high and at the same time, is comical.


110 series could get extremely gross, sexist and weird in some rare sequences but otherwise, the Abhishek Jain and Anish Shah directorial is a must-watch.

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