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365 Days - This Day review: 'Massimo' Michele Morrone is the only reason to watch this film and he has limited screen

Simone Susinna as Nacho is simply a hottie and pretty face who needs to up his acting skills, if ever there is another sequel/prequel to 365 Days

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.26 AM, Apr 27, 2022

365 Days - This Day review: 'Massimo' Michele Morrone is the only reason to watch this film and he has limited screen
365 Days: This Day - Michele Morrone.


Laura is safe from her accident. She is back with Massimo and while their spark is still there, cracks develop between their relationship. Thus, she goes to Nacho, who is Massimo's rival but Laura doesn't know about any of it yet. What happens when she does come to know?


365 Days: This Day begins exactly where the last one ended. We see the beauty that Laura (Anna Maria-Sieklucka) is. Michele Morrone as Massimo, of course, simply brings out the fiery and romantic side in her all at once.

This time, we see the funny side in the film too. While Laura is modern, her family is the complete opposite of it and it is fun to watch both the worlds come together. To top it up, Massimo's dialogue just hits the right spot - the funny bone.

A big secret is revealed almost instantly. Yes, we get to know that Laura almost died when she entered the tunnel but she isn't dead and that's not all. She is hiding another big secret from Massimo, which she didn't tell him till they even get married. Of course, like she warns, a war will break out and it is one you should not miss viewing because Massimo is rough in the bedroom and in the war zone too.

The cinematography and locations are sure to capture you this time around too. Not just the locations but the camera captures intimate scenes in a way that only this installment manages to do.

Laura has taken this time around and there is no derth of kink in this film. As always the intimate scenes are shot in close-up and you get to witness everything happening.

Unfortunately, the focus isn't only on Laura and Massimo this time around. Another couple (with 'Olga' Magdalena Lamparska and 'Domenico' Otar Saralitze) is introduced and we see lame efforts when compared to the OG couple.

From cactus toy to golf ball, This Day uses everything to add to the kink. You can overlook these things since the lovebirds are literally too hot and obviously, in love. What you cannot overlook is the couple (Olga and her boyfriend, Domenico) trying too hard. With cream, grapes, syrup, raspberry and all other jazz, they make a disaster of a food and their own selves. If you need a guide on how to turn something beautiful like eroticism into lame, take notes but for the sake of your partner, just turn the damn page (here, skip this part).

Laura and Olga's beautiful friendship is explored once again, especially on the beach. It is brief but it is as beautiful as Laura and Massimo's equation.

After one point, you see the cracks in Laura and Massimo's relationship as their honeymoon phase does come to an end. Finally, they live like the normal married couple does. Of course, the sparks aren't gone yet.

We have seen how controlling Laura and Massimo are in the bedroom and their strong personalities reflect even in the outside world. While this isn't new, it is them after the lovey-dovey phase ends and things get real.

The viewers are introduced to a new hottie, Nacho (Simone Susinna). The camera literally pans on every inch of his body, from shoulder to eye to lips, not kidding. While he is handsome, there is nothing more to him. He definitely isn't Massimo. His entry is not only suspicious but also brews trouble every single time.

Massimo's towel drop and his wild side are sure to drive girls crazy this time around too. He is literally the only good thing happening to the film. Even Laura is a disappointment in many places in This Day.

The big surprise is finally out. The story isn't new and things go downfall from the moment Laura leaves. You keep waiting to see something unexpected but it just doesn't come. If you have read the book, you already knew you were up for disappointment but even 365 Days was a movie that disappointed critics but was loved by the audiences. This time around, This Day is simply a disappointment for both, except a few scenes which is what this franchise is known for.


365 Days: This Day isn't a story of love. It's about betrayal. The drama is never-ending this time around and it is not even like you don't already know or haven't seen this story before. There is literally nothing interesting happening in the second half of the movie and suddenly, there is the huge chaos in the last scene, which isn't a shocker either since we have seen this story for ages now.

Michele Morrone is the only reason why you should watch This Day and even he is missing for most of the second half. Basically, just start the movie and watch for half an hour because after that, it is a downhill slope where you don't want to go. Not that the story was too powerful to begin with but Michele and Anna at least made a few scenes worth watching in 365 Days, which is majorly missing in its sequel.