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Aashram 3 review: Bobby Deol's series impresses with a gripping storyline and powerful performances

The third season of Aashram deals with various characters and beautifully brings them together by the end of the show.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.06 AM, Jun 03, 2022

Aashram 3 review: Bobby Deol's series impresses with a gripping storyline and powerful performances


Pammi (Aaditi Pohankar) is here to take revenge on Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) for what he did to her family. With the world standing against her and just two-three people in her support, how will Pammi win this war?


Prakash Jha's latest release Aashram 3 is what you would have seen from the trailer but still, so much more. This director has many tales to tell and doesn't fail you in even one episode.

As expected from Aashram, the introduction scene is magical. However, if you know the series, you also know things are going to get really dark, really soon. One thing is for sure - Prakash Jha knows how to intrigue you with his series. He taps into the right emotions and keeps you hooked in the moments for just the sufficient amount.

Pammi's story begins as soon as the show commences. As expected, it is interesting to see her story unfold. However, this story is slow to come to the fore.

Aaditi Pohankad brings in newer emotions to Pammi this time around. She is not as strong as before but that doesn't mean she isn't fierce either. The actress brings every scene alive and you see her completely in sync with the scenes.

Chandan Roy Sanyal is instantly impressive as Bhopa. He sinks his teeth into the character and the first few minutes of Aashram 3 itself make you feel that the second season of the show was released just yesterday. He is still scary and the rawest form of evil. He is one scary character that you wish you never cross paths with because there are only two ways to get out of it - either be corrupted or die.

His backstory is explored too. The best part in this too is his look, which is sure to catch your eye.

Adhyayan Suman, who was just in a glimpse in the trailer, is here as the superstar from the first episode itself. He brings Tinka back to life and reminds you of his crazy self.

Bobby Deol finally appears as Baba Nirala and he nails his first appearance as someone who lusts over Pammi. He has proven himself as an actor once again, especially during his dialogue with Bhopa.

While his life at the Aashram is obviously explored at depth, Baba's personal life is in the limelight once again. It just adds to his character graph to another extent. The backstory is also pretty impressive to watch.

Rushad Rana appears but his daughter Komal is the one who will instantly capture your attention, just like she captures Baba Nirala's attention. If Pammi's story left you shocked, this one takes it many notches above. After a while, even Rushad's role as Dahiya sahab begins to take effect.

Anurita Jha as Kavita has a silent entry during Sonia's first meeting with Baba Nirala.

Sachin Shroff in the role of minister Hukum Singh is interesting. He appears helpless in front of Bhopa but still stands out somewhere. This character is a big player and Prakash Jha has ensured to show that in the most simplistic manner - through his expressions when Baba's downfall starts.

An intrigue builds at every step of the way in episode 1 itself. Even if at one point it might appear OTT, the story in this series never feels out-of-place.

Anupriya Goenka does appear in the season and is rather powerful. She has a briefer role in comparison to other characters but it's beautiful nonetheless.

Tushar Pandey's role, Sati, in the series comes to an end but his wife Babita (Tridha Chaudhary)'s story has just begun. She is a woman to look out for.

Darshan Kumaar as Ujagar Singh is passionate this time around. The passion isn't immediate but eventual. He takes some bold steps even in this season and that is definitely impressive. His back story is explored a little more in this season and it gives his character some more depth. Darshan has also picked up on the accent so he isn't a disappointment in that aspect either.

Parinita Seth as Savdhi Mata is still evil and she nails her role. She's as evil as they come, even more considering she promotes the culture Baba started and literally sells off women to him.

The editing in this series is not up to the mark. Scenes are cut in the midst of a dialogue which is not pleasing to watch. However, that is just in a few scenes. Overall, otherwise, Aashram 3 is a delight.

The story sets in at a comfortable pace when Esha Gupta's Sonia is introduced to the story. It takes nearly half the series for her character to be introduced and she isn't disappointing for sure. In fact, she happens to play a huge role in making his switch from Baba to Bhagwaan, which is almost the most vital part of the story. She has an interesting storyline.

Anil Rastogi as Sunder Lal is fairly good. He happens to play an almost important character this time around.

The series also shows the biasness according to caste. Only the higher caste people will be preferred in most situations and that is what the show is about this time.

Baba Nirala has hurt almost every person in his life. They are now coming back to give it back to him and season 3 slowly but very steadily develops that.

Vikram Kochar as Sadhu is impressive as always. In the role of Sadhu, he brings loyalty and joy, both of which we expect from how his character is.

It usually gets tough to tell a tale with so many characters around but not Aashram. Prakash Jha never fails to tell exactly what he has to and never do the characters seem too much. If anything, they are complete, which adds to the complex story.

News reporting is mocked in the series. However, to some extent, the scene is not an unrealistic scenario.

As impressive as the first episode of this series is, the last episode really gives you more depth into the story and Baba and Bhopa's characters. Things are sure to get interesting as the makers announce season 4, where this story takes a 360 degree turn.


As always, Prakash Jha gives us a back story of every character in Aashram, all while focusing on his lead characters, Baba Nirala and Pammi. There is so much happening in the series but not once does it bore you because of the gripping storyline and powerful performances by all actors. This one is something you wouldn't want to miss out on this weekend.