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Aham Reboot Review - Sumanth Akkineni-starrer lacks proper drama and arresting thrills

Aham Reboot Review - The film has only a single character played by Sumanth Akkineni and is a boring thriller. 

Aham Reboot Review - Sumanth Akkineni-starrer lacks proper drama and arresting thrills
Aham Reboot

Last Updated: 04.41 PM, Jul 01, 2024


Aham Reboot Story

Nilay(Sumanth) is a soccer player whose goal gets shattered due to a freak accident that also kills a girl in the stadium. To make ends meet, Nilay joins as a Radio Jockey. One fine day, Nilay gets a call from an unknown person stating that a girl has been kidnapped. Nilay cleverly takes the call live and this alerts the cop. The cops further ask Nilay to keep the kidnapper engaged so that they can track the girl. Did Nilay help the cops to free the girl? Who is this girl? Why has she been kidnapped? And what is her connection with Nilay? To know the answers, stream the film on Aha. 

Aham Reboot Review

Not many knew that a Telugu film titled Aham Reboot was being made in the first place. It wasn't until Aha announced that Aham Reboot would stream on OTT that the audience got to know about the thriller. The special aspect of the Aham Reboot is that it is an experimental film, and there is only one character in the film, played by Sumanth. The rest of the characters are just audible.

The makers have experimented with the film, and the basic thought process of the only person handling a kidnap case looks interesting. Yet another major advantage of the film is that it is only one and a half hours long, which does not feel tedious while watching.

Having said all this, does Aham Reboot hold your attention? Well, the answer is a big no, as the narration is weak and does not have anything gripping to showcase. To put it simply, Aham Reboot is a revenge thriller, and the only aspect that catches your attention is that there is only one character in the film. This concept looks nice but after a point, the narrative looks boring.

Aham Reboot poster launch
Aham Reboot poster launch

There is a kidnapping drama that is etched as a story, but the end motive is revenge, which is boring and predictable after a point. The first ten minutes of the film are quite engaging, and the concept of suicide and why it is rampant is showcased in an interesting manner. But one of the biggest drawbacks is the slow pace, and the director does not come to the point right away.

There are traces of brilliance of director Prashanth Sagar as the way he has linked the kidnapping drama to a revenge drama is nicely thought of. Sumanth Akkineni plays the lead character, and he is decent in his role. But his hairstyle and look are quite weird and disturb the flow of the film. The emotions that Sumanth showcases are made to look weird because of his getup. A normal look would have made a lot of difference in the narrative. But Sumanth holds your attention in a few scenes when he gets aggressive.

Sumanth Akkineni
Sumanth Akkineni

One gets a feeling that the director should have added at least a few more characters to make things look interesting. Only Sumanth handling the entire show looks boring after a while. Also, the usage of so many dialogues and conversations puts you off.

The camera work by Varun Ankarla is decent, and the manner in which he has shown a single character through different locations is decent. The dialogues are not that great, and more gripping words would have made a lot of difference. Sriram Maddury's background score is decent and elevates even the simple scenes.


The production design by AR Vamsi is quite good, as the limited locations are effectively utilized. Aham Reboot has the premise, but the drama and emotions needed for the audience to feel the pain are missing in the film. A few more characters and the elevation of the revenge drama would have made a lot of difference to the film.

Aham Reboot Verdict

On the whole, Aham Reboot is a single-character film that has a decent concept. The thriller starts on a decent note but the silly execution and lack of proper drama and strong emotions take the film down in no time and make this film a boring watch on Aha.

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