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Ammuchi 2 Review: This series by Nakkalites is a fun ride set against a rural backdrop

Arun is back in Kodangipalayam to help fulfill the dream of his ladylove Mithran and help her get into college. But he has to battle with her alcoholic father, foul-mouthed mother and her prospective groom, the hoodlum Mani, with the help of Sasi, who has another plan for Arun.

  • P Sangeetha

Last Updated: 08.29 AM, Jun 22, 2022

Ammuchi 2 Review: This series by Nakkalites is a fun ride set against a rural backdrop
A poster of Ammuchi 2

Story: Arun and Sasi embark on yet another fun ride, this time around to win Mithra's hand in marriage and fulfill her dream of going to college. But this time around, they have to battle against the ruffian, Mani, who would go any length to beat Arun. And Ammuchi, too, peppers the scene by coming up with her own ruse.

Review: Coimbatore-based YouTube channel Nakkalites are back with the second season of their popular YouTube show, Ammuchi 2. This time around, the show, directed by Rajeshwar Kaliswamy, streams on the OTT platform, Aha Tamil. The second season picks up from where it left in the first season and embarks on yet another adventurous ride with Arun and Sasi, cousins-cum-friends.

While in the first season, Arun was forced to head to Kodangipalayam, when he was gearing up for a holiday in Goa, this time around, Arun lies to his mother and lands in Kodangipalayam on the pretext of heading to Goa. The reason? A phone call from his girlfriend Mithra when she laments that her dream of joining a college might just remain a dream as her parents want to marry her off. We are introduced to Mithra's family, whose relationship with each other is so strained that they cannot even see eye to eye.

In the meantime, Sasi has caused ruckus in the village with his antics and has even found a match for Goatesh (his pet goat). It is under this set-up that Arun is back with the Chelladurai family, and we soon see a rollercoaster ride of events. Ammuchi, who generously showered love and affection on Arun in the last season, takes a step back this time around, due to the lovelorn Arun's obsession with Mithra and her dream. 

We soon meet Mithra's prospective groom arranged by her parents, a ruffian called Mani, who is known as 'Masanai' Mani due to his. As Mithra tells Mani's family that she wants to pursue higher education and does not get married, Mani's ego is hurt. A fight ensues between Mani and his sidekicks and Sasi's friends as they try to capture a bunch of thieves, and it ends up in a panchayat. Here the two sides end up gambling Mithra's life as part of a bet, where the winner gets to marry her. The competition is set against the village Thiruvizha and the side that wins three out of the five events, which includes wrestling and rekla race, will be declared the winner.

The best part about Ammuchi 2 is the way the characters are continued to be presented au naturel despite the show going on OTT. OTT series these days are predominantly set against the backdrop of small towns and Kodangipalayam, the village, is the latest addition to the list. The characters slay it in Kongu Tamil and there are many scenes in the series that are a laugh riot, especially the Panchayat scene in the beginning, the antics by Sasi, the flashback portions and practice sessions for the competition. Chelladurai's attempts to win over his wife Savitri, are hysterical, too.

It's refreshing to see the lives of people living in the villages, just as they are. The frames are excellent and the credit goes to cinematographer Santhosh Kumar, who keeps the fun element alive with his camera. The star cast has put up a stellar performance and we sincerely hope that some of them are utilised more on the big screen, especially actors like Prasanna Balachandran, who recently put up a fantastic performance in Seththumaan and Suzhal: The Vortex. The emotional scenes between Sasi and Arun, especially when the latter realises Sasi's motives, are beautiful.

On the flip side, the episodes seem to be slightly stretched than in the first season. The competition set against the backdrop of a village Thiruvizha is run-of-the-mill, and the contest against the same bunch of people as in the last season, tends to become repetitive, despite the new character of Mani thrown in. And why did Ammuchi suddenly become so irked with Arun this time around, so much so that she would come up with a ruse to send him back home? Yes, Arun was indolent and lovelorn, but wasn't he the same in the last season as well? Despite the shortcomings, Ammuchi 2 is a fun ride that can be watched with the family.

Verdict: A fine binge watch if you are looking for a good laugh.​