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Andor episode 6 review: Most satisfying and heartbreaking in Diego Luna's Star Wars series so far

Stellan Skasgard steals the show once again.

Andor episode 6 review: Most satisfying and heartbreaking in Diego Luna's Star Wars series so far
Andor - Diego Luna.

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



Andor is on a mission against The Empire. He helps The Rebellion meet their cause but will he fly solo later? Find out.


The newest episode of Star Wars: Andor commences with Diego Luna in a different avatar. He has changed his look itself for this episode.

Alex Lawther, much like the last two episodes, is a surprise package this time around too. He's the second best thing in the episode after Diego.

The story gets intriguing and complex at the same time. Fortunately, it is not complex to the extent of getting lost in translation.

As you progress into the episode, there is so much waiting for you. Right from a visual spectacle to Star Wars: Rogue One nostalgia, this is one of the most satisfying episodes of the season. At the same time, it is also heartbreaking.

Faye Marsay has her moments in the episode but it is just as much hers as India-born Varada Sethu's. They both are great in brief moments in the episode.


There are many surprises in this episode and they aren't the good ones. However, that is what makes the episode so special.

Genevieve O'Reilly is back as Mon. She has a brief but lovely role that sets the pace for what is to come.

Stellan Skasgard does return in this episode and he proves his acting talent once again. He comes as a pleasant face, one that was much needed after the heavy moments. It is his brief role that makes you eager for what is to happen in the next episode.


There is no way you would want to miss out on this episode. In fact, there isn't a moment when you would want to look away. Rather, you want to savour the moment for as long as you can because after a long, long time, a Star Wars series has managed to evoke those feelings you associate only with the iconic movie. So, don't even think twice and watch this episode right away. It's worth it.


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