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Babla Ni Babal review: Shaunak Vyas' web series is like two directors helmed the first and second half

The big question is - why was this web series made?

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 09.44 AM, May 01, 2022

Babla Ni Babal review: Shaunak Vyas' web series is like two directors helmed the first and second half
Babla Ni Babal - Shaunak Vyas, Nayan Shukla.


Babla (Shaunak Vyas) wants to get married. We get a glimpse into his life and how things unfold thereafter.


Babla Ni Babal as a web series is one that takes way, period, too, period, long, period (that is actually how it goes. On and on, that too with pauses) to develop. The first half of this show will bore you to death. However, if you survive that, director Sunil Suchak has somehow revived the series in the second half and made it just a little watchable.

The series begins in the stereotypical way. We see the a 'Sweetie' getting introduced with the focus to her half face and then lips.

As expected, the hero Babla (Shaunak Vyas) is introduced in the exact same manner, except he has a louder music because of the filmmakers' love to promote men more than women.

This series could appeal to people who like double meaning jokes. The show has a very 80s Hindi film vibes. The family drama and comedy from the time is back. However, the comedy is in poor taste since most of the times, it is at the expense of a girl.

Shaunak's slow motion dialogues and desperation makes this story very weird. His dumb nature is not funny and rather, it makes you yawn.

The gap between action and reaction is so slow that you wonder when was this series made? In 2022 or 1970?

Even if a love story begins, it is quite bizarre. The love happens almost instantly and even if a quality is not shown, it becomes the main reason to fall in love. Just how? This gets a little better in the second half, if only by little.

This series works on lame actions like the hero not being able to pull off a Rajinikanth etc. The only good thing about this show is the real friendship. By real, we mean how friends try to loot and use their friends. The friendship between Babla and Jigla (Nayan Shukla) is the only good thing happening to the series.

In the second half of the series, the comedy actually gets good. The show is somewhere progressive since childhood BFFs, who consider turning lovers, turn siblings.

Sunil Suchak has helmed the series so differently that it feels someone else directed the first half and someone else helmed the second half. Everything gets better with the second half, if only by a little.

DDLJ's dialogue makes it to this series and while the moment is cute, it is also quite weird. Nonetheless, it makes for a pretty good ending for the series, finally!


There is just no context to the show and you wonder why did the makers even try to make it. What does a man not being able to get married have to offer that we haven't seen before? The most iconic character is on Hindi TV - Popatlal from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and even he gets irritating after one point. So, the big question is - why?

Babla Ni Babal suffers at the hands of being too long. The first half develops and it is so slow that you don't even wish to see what this series wants to offer. Not that it has a story to offer but at least there is some entertainment in the second half of the show.

This one can be viewed post episode seven or not at all. Not like you will miss out on a big project or great actors and direction.

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