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B.E. Rojgaar episode 2 review: Sai Tamhankar's series is a fun ride between (un)employment and start-up

Lalit Prabhakar also makes a cameo appearance in the second episode of the web series.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 07.46 AM, May 29, 2022

B.E. Rojgaar episode 2 review: Sai Tamhankar's series is a fun ride between (un)employment and start-up
B.E. Rojgaar - Sambhaji Sasane.


Piyu (Sai Tamhankar), Papdya (Sambhaji Sasane) and Akshay (Jagdish Kannam) see their dreams coming true. However, knowing their life, can it be real and for how long?


B.E. Rojgaar episode 2 is a reflection of almost every youth today. The episode knows exactly what is needed and director Sambhaji Sasane, who is also acting in the series, brought out the story this episode wanted to convey, pretty beautifully.

Jagdish Kannam is back as Akshay and he takes the screen once again in the second episode of B.E. Rojgaar. However, more than him, Sambhaji as Papdya brings back the charm of this show.

Sai Tamhankar as Piyu kills it with her expressions this time around. Sambhaji simply adds to the fun of this episode, if not stealing the show.

Lalit Prabhakar, who is recently seen with Sai in Pet Puraan and Medium Spicy, makes a special appearance on the show. This moment will kind of take you by surprise.

The emotional blackmail of family is back. This is once again pretty relatable considering Piyu (Sai) is a strong but sensitive woman.

Finally, the series does come along as the friends come across a business idea. As always, Papdya is sure about the idea while the other two simply wonder what is he all about.

However, how can this show be without a twist? So, there's one and it is something even they didn't expect (even when they should have, leaving things to Papdya).


B.E. Rojgaar is relatable as always, in fact more so when it comes to where Indians stand professionally at this stage of their lives. The show, especially its second episode, is a hilarious and yet real take on the same things.