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B.E. Rojgaar episode 3 review: Friends drift apart, families stir chaos in Sai Tamhankar's web series

Sambhaji Sasane and Jagdish Kannam's brotherhood as Papdya and Akshay will also win you over in this episode.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 10.11 AM, Jun 05, 2022

B.E. Rojgaar episode 3 review: Friends drift apart, families stir chaos in Sai Tamhankar's web series
B.E. Rojgaar - Sai Tamhankar, Jagdish Kannam.


Papdya (Sambhaji Sasane), Akshay (Jagdish Kannam) and Piyu (Sai Tamhankar) go their separate ways after their failed business plan. While they all try to, these buddies can barely succeed, till one of them does and brings the trio back. However, can anything ever go smooth with them around? Hence, there's a new chaos these friends have to deal with.


Almost as soon as B.E. Rojgaar episode 3 begins, Sambhaji Sasane's Papdya is in the focus and he makes the episode worthy of a watch. Sai Tamhankar is the second best thing as Piyu. Jagdish Kannam's Akshay is impressive too - in the present and the past.

Papdya, who is usually goofing up, is shown the mirror this time around. It is a scene you will want to watch.

Akshay and Papdya's confrontation scene is one you cannot miss especially because of Akshay's monologue. The actor's backstory is developed to talk about where his anxiety issues started and it is similar to most of ours - through bullies. Their bond even back when they had freshly graduated out of engineering college, is one that will warm up your heart. Papdya's 'Bhava' comes straight from the heart and touches the heart.

It is so lovely to see Piyu take the lead when her buddies are conflicted among themselves. She goes ahead and does every little thing to bring her friends back and it is quite the sight!

Their reunion is something that you will absolutely love watching. As you can expect, once the trio comes together, something and someone in their life stirs chaos.

This time that is Papdya's father. If you thought Papdya is too much in showing his love, then wait to see to what extent of zany his father is. This moment makes for the perfect end to the crazy episode!


You absolutely cannot miss this heartwarming episode which has every emotion in just the right amount. Every actor acts and the storyline moves so smoothly that you will be craving for more at the end of the episode.