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B.E. Rojgaar episode 4 review: Sai Tamhankar's series deals with a rooted problem and wins your heart while doing so

Although most of this episode takes your heart away, the last scene punches you in the gut and almost erases everything you felt throughout the episode.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.21 AM, Jun 12, 2022

B.E. Rojgaar episode 4 review: Sai Tamhankar's series deals with a rooted problem and wins your heart while doing so
B.E. Rojgaar - Sai Tamhankar


Papdya (Sambhaji Sasane) comes to his village to ask his father for help and to convince him not to sell the farm. Piyu (Sai Tamhankar) and Akshay (Jagdish Kannam) follow him. They have a startup idea but have to deal with their personal problems at the same time. Will that come in the way of their dream?


B.E. Rojgaar episode 4 begins with what was the fear among the three friends - Papdya, Piyu and Akshay - coming true. However, they still manage to have a moment, which is what makes this series special so far anyway.

As expected, the episode entertains you almost as soon as it gets too serious/dramatic. At the same time, it takes you to the roots of India and keeps the realism intact, like always.

The core idea of this episode is so brilliant that it will instantly impress you. It deals with the root problem in India and efficiently. The scene is so efficient it makes you believe only if this actually worked in real life too.

Sambhaji Sasane as Papdya has been quirky so far but this time you see more of his aggressive side and he manages to impress even with that.

Sai Tamhankar as Piyu also wins your heart this time, once again. The situations around her are usually hilarious but even when that isn't the case, she shines as the adorable woman who has all the traits a real woman has - sensitive, caring, understanding and supportive even during the lowest phases. This is what sets her character apart from the rest of the women, even this time around.

Jagdish Kannam as Akshay shines much later in the series but his space is one that will warm up your heart too. Known to be the man who gets scared but never gives up, Akshay rules over this episode too.

The way this series deals with real situations will blow your mind. From how the society judges women to men treating them in different ways, this episode has it all.

Another tough aspect is introduced in the series. This is a bit cliched and emotional but doesn't hamper the story or the impact of the tale to a great extent.

While this show promises to resolve many issues, it backtraces with the last scene of the episode. However, since the scene simply touches the brim, what happens will be unveiled in the next episode.


B.E. Rojgaar episode 4 is one that is a rollercoaster of emotions. However, the three friends are at the core and they are constantly there for each other, much like one unit. As heartwarming it is to see that, it is painful to watch the last scene backtrace many steps. However, you will enjoy this episode, which is inspired from very real and rooted scenarios. Nobody can guarantee about the upcoming episode though.