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B.E. Rojgaar episode 5 review: Sai Tamhankar's series is a great blend of visuals and storytelling

Both Sambhaji Sasane and Jagdish Kannam also work their magic in this episode once again.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.12 PM, Jun 18, 2022

B.E. Rojgaar episode 5 review: Sai Tamhankar's series is a great blend of visuals and storytelling
B.E. Rojgaar - Sai Tamhankar, Jagdish Kannam.


Piyu (Sai Tamhankar) decides between getting married or staying back and helping her friends. While Akshay (Jagdish Kannam) works on their app, Papdya (Sambhaji Sasane) helps kickstart the business in his own way. While the friends have taken their first step towards success, will things be as easy going forward?


B.E. Rojgaar episode 5 makes up for the one thing it lacked throughout the series so far - strong visuals. Keeping simplistic and rooted visuals, this episode begins as a visual delight and promises to show you the charm of even the most simplistic life, which it definitely does.

Sai Tamhankar as Piyu faced some trouble the last time around and this episode picks up from there. Sambhaji Sasane as Papdya enters the scene soon after and even stating that he steals the show is an understatement. This actor expresses with his eyes and his soft voice brings out the perfect contrast needed for the scene.

He is also back as the fierce, not-giving-a-damn Papdya and that scene is also one worth watching. The music - of dhol - definitely helps take his character to the next level.

Jagdish Kannam as Akshay is back to episode one with his anxiety attacks. Only this time that he has his friends, the scene instantly becomes four times interesting.

His character also has dialogues that are pretty relatable and is something every human would have said after all the trouble the COVID-19 lockdown caused them. One scene featuring him, which gets a little too promotional and borderline pretentious, is a little disappointing. Thankfully, that ends within a few minutes and so, the series continues to impress thereafter.

The women this time around are a reflection of the changing world. They do all the work that is usually associated with the men, including changing the tires of a truck. Every woman is bound to feel proud seeing this scene.

Sai is heartwarming even this time around. Her stating sweetest dialogues with a pokerface and then giving a bright smile is a classic that repeats here too and the magic is still not gone.

She gets back to motivating her friends and reminding them of what they're capable of. Piyu, as always, is the perfect example of what a true friend looks like.

As always, the series ends with another problem arising - one nobody saw coming. This makes for a hilarious yet stressful situation and the perfect end, one in sync with how the series has been ending.


B.E. Rojgaar episode 5 is, without a doubt, worth your time. From being a visual delight to continuing the awesome and intriguing storyline, this episode, dare we see, is better than any so far.