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Best Friends review: This Gujarati series is slow and tiring for most bits

While the execution of the show is still fairly enough, the writing is very poor and there's nothing new or interesting. On the other hand, a few scenes are rather demeaning.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.14 PM, Jun 21, 2022

Best Friends review: This Gujarati series is slow and tiring for most bits
Best Friends.


Two best friends Aarav (Rishi Jani) and Pooja (Bhumika Barot) get into a relationship and head towards a wedding. However, not all is well between the two. Since they took a step ahead of friendship, can they step back and go back to being best friends?


Best Friends begins on an intense note. The show explores what happens when best friends come to a stage where they have to analyse what marrying each other might mean.

This show promotes stalking almost instantly, which is so tough the watch. If the makers thought that is romantic, it is high time they understand that it isn't. It's creepy and promoting a culture that needs to end.

Rather than moving on, the series leaves you in that moment which is rather too disappointing. In fact, the story just doesn't seem to move forward for the longest time.

Bhumika Barot as Pooja is adorable. She knows what she wants, which is finally delightful to watch.

Rishi Jani as Aarav shows his sensitive side at last. This makes his character human, as compared to the macho men stereotyped in films or in this case, series.

The supporting characters here are more heartwarming than the lead characters. Aarav's father is the ideal dad that every son wishes to have. He understands everything without his boy having to say anything. It is a little unreal but just what every son wants from his father.

The series explores matured, mutual breakup soon. The scene is very normal but is hyped thanks to the loud music.

The ending of this series is pretty predictable but still, manages to leave some impact. Sandip Dave worked well on the directorial level but his writing sure could see much improvement.


Best Friends is not an unpredictable show. This one relies heavily on its music because otherwise, the scenes are too normal. This series mainly suffers because of poor writing. It would be better if you skip the show because only the last episode is slightly good and even that gets to the dramatic side pretty soon.