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Big Brother Review - The Siva Kanthamaneni starrer has its moments

Big Brother Review - The Siva Kanthamaneni starrer is a family drama with a few twists and turns. 

Big Brother Review - The Siva Kanthamaneni starrer has its moments

Big Borther

Last Updated: 11.29 AM, May 25, 2024


Big Brother Story

Shiva (Siva Kanthanneni) and Gauri (Priya Hegde) are a couple who are engaged and live in the same house. One fine day, Shiva's brother Surya (Sri Surya) is attacked on his way back from college. Shiva warns Surya not to go out but the latter goes and also falls in love with Pooja(Preeti). Once again, Suriya and Pooja get attacked, and Shiva thinks someone is after his brother. After a tragic turnaround of events, Shiva comes to know that the attack is actually on Pooja and not his brother. Who is this Pooja? What is her connection with Surya? Is there a backstory to all this? Watch the film to know more.

Big Brother Review

Big Brother is directed by the Bhojpuri fame Gosangi Subbarao which has a very interesting concept. The first half of the film is filled with family drama and showcases the bond between the two brothers. Though the film starts on a slow and dull note, the basic twist that is brought in creates a decent interest in the narrative.

The shift in the proceedings is slow and steady, but once this happens, things get into the groove, and the tension builds up. The director brings in Nanamma's character which creates a decent laugh into the proceedings. One of the key aspects of the film is the interval twist, which is brought out in a very interesting manner and sets the tone perfectly for the second half.

However, the key family scenes are very routine and do not showcase anything new in the narrative. The second half showcases the flashback, and it is very dull, with some routine romantic moments of the lead pair. It is only when the actual twist is brought in that the film gets going again. The reason for the lead paid not getting married despite being engaged is showcased well.

Big Brother
Big Brother

Coming to the performances, Siva Kanthanneni plays the role of Shiva, and he is very good. He carries the film on his shoulders and steers it until the end. The way he showcases varied emotions during the emotional scenes is very good. Priya Hegde gets a decent role, and she is beautiful in the role of Gauri. Her character brings depth to the film.

Preeti plays Pooja, and his character is quite important to the film. Though she looks a bit naive at the beginning of the film, Preeti does well by the time the film ends. The production values by Light House Cinemas banner. Coming to the music, it looks totally out of place. The songs do not fit into the narrative and look forced completely. But the BGM was decent.

The production design is neat. Ramakrishna's fights look a bit novel. The camera work is neat and showcases the simple family setup in a decent manner. Big Brother is a film with a simple point, but the way it is executed looks decent. There are so many deviations, like the family drama, romance, and boring scenes, that sideline the film.


One can say that if the director had stuck to his plot and added a little more drama and thrills, the output would have been even better. But that does not happen as Brother has multiple deviations.

Big Brother Verdict

On the whole, Big Brother is a family drama with a decent setup and impressive thrills. While the twists and turns keep you engaged, there are also many deviations in the proceedings that disturb the flow. If you ignore these aspects, Big Brother can be given a shot.

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